Top 10 Largest Towns And Cities In Edo State

On the lookout for the top largest towns and cities in Edo State? This piece answers all questions you might have on that.

Why Edo State?

Edo State, a state in Nigeria, Edo State, one of Nigeria’s 36 states, is situated in the country’s southern portion. Benin City, the state capital and largest metropolis in Nigeria, is the headquarters of the country’s rubber industry and the fourth largest city in the country. Edo State is a multi-ethnic state dominated by the Edooid ethnic group.

The Edo language, which is mainly spoken in Benin City, is the most frequent Edoid language spoken. Christianity is the primary religion in Edo State, however, Islam and other traditional religions are also practiced. Christianity was first introduced to the region by Portuguese missionaries around the 15th century.

Why’s this Piece Necessary?

It is critical to have a thorough understanding of the towns and cities of a huge state like Edo State. It will make your trip to this state much easier. Also, if you’re looking for notable towns and cities in this state, or if you’re going to relocate to this state or spend a vacation here, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Without further ado, let’s go into detail about which cities appear on our list of the top 10 largest towns and cities in Edo State.

Top 10 Largest Towns and Cities in Edo State

With over 18 local government areas and more than 20 towns in Edo State, this piece would discuss the top 10 largest towns and cities found in this State.

Benin City

In southern Nigeria, Benin City is the capital and largest city of Edo State. After Lagos, Kano, and Ibadan, it is Nigeria’s fourth-largest city. Nigeria’s rubber sector is centered in Benin City, and oil production is also a key industry.

The University of Benin, which has campuses in Ugbowo and Ekenwan, the Ambrose Alli University, which has a campus in Ekpoma, Igbinedion University, and Benson Idahosa University, among others are all located in Benin City.

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The National Museum, Igun Street, and the Oba’s Palace are among the city’s attractions. Other attractions include the Benin Moats, several festivals, and King’s Square with its traditional markets. The Igue festival is a prominent celebration in Benin. T

he festival is an annual celebration in Benin that marks the beginning of the new year. The event is an important component of the people’s culture in Benin City.


Auchi is a city in the Nigerian state of Edo. The local government headquarters are at Auchi, which is part of Edo State’s Etsako West Local Government Area. Auchi Polytechnic is located there. Auchi has always been a significant Christian and Islamic center. People live harmoniously regardless of religion.

The open and hospitable spirit of the Auchi people has contributed significantly to the town’s cultural and religious diversity. The Auchi Kingdom is ruled by a monarch, with the Otaru of Auchi as the traditional king. Auchi Day is observed on the 8th of January. Uchi Day was the previous name for this memorial day.


Ekpoma is one of the largest towns and cities in Edo State. The Esan West Local Government Area’s administrative headquarters are located here. The town has an official Post Office and Ambrose Alli University is located there. The Esan tribe makes up the majority of the population.

The Onojie is the name given to the town’s center. With two general hospitals, some privately owned hospitals, and Government-run health clinics, the community enjoys a mix of traditional and orthodox medicine. It is also closely related to Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital, Irrua, where many residents go for health care.


Local farming and trading account for a substantial portion of Uromi’s economy, with some funding provided by the government. The location in a rainforest zone, the loamy soil type, and the geography of Uromi all contribute to its productive farm output.

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Uromi also offers a plethora of markets where local farmers can sell their produce. There are decent, portable lock-up stores in the Uromi Main Market.

The Uromi Main Market is open daily from morning to late evening, despite the fact that market days are held every four days. Other business transactions take place on a daily basis, in addition to farming and commerce.

Many government-owned and privately owned company offices can be found in Eguare. In Amedokhian, Uromi has an Institute of Construction Technology and Management, and in Onewa Village, Uromi has a Technical College.

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Igueben’s economy is expanding. The locals sell manufactured items that they buy in large towns like Port Harcourt, Onitsha, Lagos, Sapele, and Benin City. Building supplies, clothing, electronics, mechanical spare parts, and other items are traded.

Farming is the most common occupation in Igueben. Local produce is cross-traded with Nigeria’s northern regions. They sell tubular roots including yam, cassava (garri), banana, and plantain, which are unique to savannah vegetation.

They purchase arid-region-specific food such as beans, onions, groundnuts, and potatoes. Palm produce, rubber, and timber are among the country’s exports. Igueben is heavily influenced by urban migration, as young and educated sons and daughters seek better work possibilities in larger cities and overseas.

Many locals work in advertising, catering, costume creation, cultural dancing, and event planning during the many celebrations and festivals held throughout the year.


Ubiaja, located in the Esan South-East Local Government Area of Edo state also appears on our list of the top 10 largest towns and cities in Edo State, Nigeria.

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Ubiaja is one of the most populous towns in Edo state. Many residents in Ubiaja produce crops like yam, cassava, and beans, as well as cash crops like oil palm, cocoa, and rubber, thanks to the fertile red soil.


Igarra is also one of Edo’s most populous cities. It contains fertile soil, which is ideal for cultivating crops like yam, cassava, and palm fruit. It also includes Hills that provide security from outside assault.

Igarra is surrounded nearly entirely by stony hills. It is encircled by the Kukuruku Hills and is surrounded by rocky ground.


Irrua is a town in Edo State, Nigeria, that serves as the administrative center of the Esan Central local government area. It has a population of about 300,000 people. It is also among the largest towns and cities in Edo state.


Afuze’s main sources of income are farming and hunting. This is the most popular type of business or occupation in Afuze. They’re also recognized for producing a lot of tobacco, cocoa, and cashew.

The majority of the people speak Benin. They also speak the languages of the villages around them. Afuze town is populated by a mix of children, youth, and elderly people of various ages.


Uselu ends our list of the top 10 largest towns and cities in Edo state. Uselu is a highly inhabited area. Uselu Market is one of Benin City’s most prominent markets. It also serves as a hub for businesses such as banking and fast-food restaurants.

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This piece has discussed all you need to know concerning the top largest towns and cities in Edo state, Nigeria. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask using the comment section below. Thank you!

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