Top 10 Largest Towns And Cities In Imo State

On the lookout for the top 10 largest towns and cities in Imo State, one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria? This piece gives the necessary details needed on that.

Why Imo State?

Imo state is located in Nigeria’s southeast geopolitical zone, bordering Anambra, Rivers, and Abia states. It is one of the most populous cities in southern Nigeria.

Imo is one of Nigeria’s oil-producing states, dubbed “the heartbeat state” by Nigerians, and is made up of 27 local government areas. Imo state is composed of 27 local governments, with important towns and cities scattered around the state.

The economy of the Imo state is heavily reliant on agricultural production, particularly palm oil production, which the majority of inhabitants rely on for cooking. Crude oil and natural gas are among the state’s natural resources.

Mercy Eke, a prominent Nollywood actress, and Kelechi Ihenacho, a popular Nigerian footballer, are among the many Nigerian celebrities who call Imo state home today. The Federal University of Technology, with a campus at Owerri, and the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, are also located in Imo state.

We shall explore significant towns and cities in the state of Imo in this post. These are the state’s largest and most modern towns, as well as the ones with the most people groupings and commercial activities.

The top ten largest towns in Imo state, based on population, commercial activities, and urbanization, are shown below.

Top 10 Largest Towns and Cities in Imo State

Are you moving to Imo state and require a list of the top ten largest towns and cities in the state? Or, perhaps, you’re planning a trip and wish to spend it in one of Imo state’s main cities? This article will assist you with that.

With over 30 towns in Imo State, the top 10 largest towns and cities in Imo state are:


This is the state capital of Imo and it is by far, the largest town in this state. Owerri is also the richest town in Imo State. It has a population of about two million people. This may or may not be related to the presence of many higher institutions of study as well as important federal government institutions in the city.

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Because of the great density of high-quality relaxation centers, spacious hotels, production studios, and high-street casinos, it is now known as Nigeria’s entertainment capital. The yearly beauty pageants “Miss Heartland” and “Miss Adanma” are held there.

In Owerri, Christianity is the most widely practiced religion. The major religious groups are Catholics and Anglicans, and Assumpta Cathedral, the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Owerri, and the Seat of Wisdom Seminary are both located in Owerri.


Orlu is a prominent city in Imo state and one of the largest towns, with a population of over 500,000. This Imo state’s town is made up of two major local government areas. It is Imo’s second-largest city, behind Owerri. Orlu is a hub for business and industry, earning it the unofficial title of Imo state’s commercial capital.

Many successful Nigerian businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and industry champions hail from the eleven local government areas that make up the Senatorial Zone of Orlu. Orlu is the permanent home of different companies and state and federal agencies.

Because of the huge number of Orlulites in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, this is the case. As a result, across the entire African continent, the Orlu Zonal Area has the highest number of indigenous pharmaceutical makers and marketers.


Okigwe is the third-largest city in Imo state, behind Owerri and Orlu. The city is located between the Port Harcourt-Enugu-Maiduguri rail line, being the closest city to Nigeria’s largest cattle market, which is located in the Abia state’s Umu Nneochi area As a result, the city has developed into a key cattle transit hub for Nigeria’s southeast and south subregions. Okigwe offers a number of tourist and historical attractions.

In this city, the Federal Government College has remained one of Nigeria’s best unity schools. Terrace cultivation is practiced on the hilly farmlands of Okigwe, making it one of Nigeria’s breadbaskets. Alexandra Suites & Hotels Limited is one of the various relaxing sites in Okigwe.


Ohaji-Egbema is an oil-rich Imo State Local Government Area. It is located in Imo’s southwestern region. It is bordered on the east by Owerri, on the north by Oguta local government area, and on the south by Ogba in Rivers State. It is a town in Imo state with a local council.

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The oil-producing town in Imo state is one of the state’s largest and most populous cities; it is located in the far southwestern section of the state and is bordered by Rivers state.


Mbaise, which is made up of many smaller settlements, is one of the most populous towns in Imo. It is home to more than 150,000 people.  It is bounded by Isiala mbano and Ehime mbano to the north, Obowo and Ihitte Uboma to the east, Ezinihitte Mbaise and Aboh Mbaise to the south, and Ikeduru to the west.

This town was founded when Ahiara and Ekwerazu merged, and it is made up of fourteen individual tiny settlements. One of the biggest cities in the area, having a lot of commercial and economic activity.


Obinze is a village in southeastern Nigeria, close to the metropolis of Owerri. Due to its location along the Owerri-Port-Harcourt route, which allows hosts and non-indigents access to the local government region, the hamlet is recognized for its rapid increase in industrialization.

Oforola, EZiobodo, Avu, Nekede, Ihiagwa, Umunokani, and Mbirichi all share Obinze’s borders. Farming, building, grain mills, transportation, and the palm produce business are all viable investment options in the community.

It is also easy for manufacturers, producers, marketers, and distributors to locate their factories, industries, and warehousing in and around the community because of its proximity to surrounding states such as Rivers, Anambra, and Abia. In Imo state, the townhouses are famed Hausa marketplaces as well as Army Barracks.


This town is one of Imo state’s oldest towns. Ibi-Asoegbe and Aji are on the north, Amiri and otulu are on the east, Ozara is on the west, and Awo-omamma is on the south.

It is bordered by Amorka in Ihiala, Anambra state because it is in the far north of Imo state. It is made up of 11 villages that have been consolidated into six independent communities. It is an important commercial and economic center in Imo State.

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The Nkwerre community, which gave the local government region its name, was well-known for its blacksmithing inventiveness. This earned the community the moniker ‘nkewerre opia egbe,’ which translates to ‘Nkwerre the Gun Manufacturer.’ Its population is believed to be around 110,000 people.

In the state of Imo, the town is a semi-urban area. Commercial activities are also present in the town. Nkwerre is notable for its dense vegetation, which is meant to prevent soil erosion, yet the area is prone to erosion.


The initial letters of the river Njaba were combined to form Njaba. Oru East local government area, Isu, Mbaitoli, Orlu, and Nkwerre local government area are all located inside Njaba. On the western axis, it shares a border with Awo-omamma.

Obor, Umutanze, Umudioka, and Umuowa settlements of Orlu local government border it on the north and east, respectively. It is bordered on the west and south by the Amurie-Omanze and ekwe communities of the Isu local government area, while it shares a southern border with Orodo town of the Mbaitoli local government area, which borders Umuaka.

The Njaba River then separates Umuaka from the ekwe community of Isu on the western borders. Njaba is a prominent city in Imo state’s central region and one of the state’s largest markets. In Njaba town, which is without a doubt a prominent metropolis in Imo state, there are also commercial banks.


Ikeduru is a town in western Imo state that was created out of the Mbaitolu/Ikeduru local government area before. Iho is the location of the local government area’s headquarters. It is bordered on the north by Isiala Mbano, on the south by Owerri north local government area, and on the west by Aboh Mbaise and Ahiazu.

Over 170,000 people live in Ikeduru. A number of autonomous communities make up the metropolis.

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This article has discussed the top 10 largest towns and cities in the Imo state of Nigeria. If you still have any questions, please employ the comment section below for that. Thank you.

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