Top 5 Best Areas To Live In Enugu State

Looking for an updated list of the best areas to live in Enugu state, one of the most developed states in Nigeria?

Why Enugu State? Enugu state appears on both our list of the most developed and attractive cities in Nigeria and as such, remains one of the best cities to reside in Nigeria.

After deciding to spend an extended holiday in Enugu, the dilemma of where to stay arises. Are you seeking a location with proximity to recreational areas and where your safety is guaranteed? Is it a place where security is tightened or a place where the population is densely concentrated?

Or perhaps you’re considering relocating to Enugu State but aren’t sure where to start? Do you have a fear of security? Are you concerned about the distance between your home and your place of employment? Are you concerned about proximity to the market and other vital locations that you may need to visit frequently? Go over this article because it will answer the majority of your questions regarding it.

Top 5 Best Areas To Live In Enugu State

Independence Layout

Independence Layout is a fascinating Enugu suburb with many daytime and nighttime activities. Any Enugu resident desires to live in the Independence layout, making it one of the best areas to live in Enugu State.

What is the reason for this? Independence Layout used to be a lonely neighborhood due to its residents’ isolated tendency, but it is now regarded as the pride of the capital city, having steadily surpassed New Haven as the city’s entertainment, activity, and nightlife hub.

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Independence Layout is located in Enugu North and is home to many government and corporate institutions as well as the state’s wealthiest individuals. Despite its dependability, lodging in such a location is extremely expensive. The monthly rent for an apartment might be as much as 22,000 Nairas. This isn’t to argue that other locations aren’t similarly priced.

Independence layout does not have any open markets due to its primarily residential status. Restaurants can be found in a variety of locations in this region, however, they appear to be pricey due to the area’s popularity. Independence layout is also home to some of Enugu state’s best institutions, including Prine Crest College and Gab Selina School.

Enugu State Government Reserved Area (GRA)

This was the earliest and, in many ways, the oldest residential neighborhood in Enugu State. GRA is without a doubt one of the best areas to live in Enugu state, with the best road network.

The GRA contains leisure facilities such as the Polo Park shopping center and the golf course. This neighborhood houses the ESUT Teaching Hospital, the CBN regional headquarters in Enugu State, and the Enugu State Secretariat.

GRA encompasses areas such as the Ogbete and Area Axis, which has the city’s two major markets, Garden Avenue and Okpala Avenue, and the Abakalliki Road, which houses both government and private institutions with few residential residences and is considered GRA’s commercial hub.

New Haven

New Haven is a renowned upper-middle-class suburb in Enugu state. It was once known as the coal city’s fun and entertainment capital due to the area’s burgeoning lifestyle and nightlife bustle before the Independence layout came into place.

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New Haven has long been known as the best upper-middle-class district, including hotels, restaurants, fashion houses, luxury and budget lodging, and nightlife.

New Haven is home to several of Enugu’s greatest nightclubs, hotels, and music venues. New Haven is a well-planned city that is a great place to live, work, and do business. Getting around is simple, and security is never an issue.

Ogui New Layout

Although the area may appear to have been developed as a result of Enugu city’s expansion, Ogui has been inhabited by the Ogui people of Nike for generations, who lived in small villages, but the area was urbanized to accommodate foreigners.

Ogui is near Ogbete, a well-known market, and boasts several department store chains. When compared to places such as Independence layout, the cost of renting an apartment is significantly cheaper.

In addition, Ogui’s roadways are linked to those in nearby cities, making it a very busy road. Schools such as Queen’s school, WTC Primary school, Metropolitan girls, Alma Rose, City girls, and many more are found in this area, rendering it the name, “Educational capital of Enugu state.” All these earn Ogui New Layout a spot on our list of the top 5 best areas to live in Enugu State.

Achara Layout

The majority of the people that live in this part of Enugu state are low-income earners. The Achara layout is one of Enugu’s oldest residential areas. Achara layout was designed to meet the housing needs of Enugu’s ever-growing population.

Like New Haven, there is a certain amount of prestige associated with living in the Achara layout; the area was once what Enugu’s Independence layout is now, and like GRA, the Achara layout is well-planned and has a good road network. One of the best things about the Achara layout is that it allows easy access to any section of Enugu.

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