Young Shall Grow Motors Price List

  • How long does it take to travel from … to …?
  • How much would it cost me to travel with YSG Motors?
  • Where can I find the YSG Terminal closest to my location?
  • How can I get in touch with their customer care representative?

All of these questions are addressed in this piece.

Why Young Shall Grow Motors?

Being a genuine indication of its name, “Young Shall Grow”, YSG Motors is one of Nigeria’s longest surviving and fastest-growing road transportation companies in Nigeria, having started operations in 1972 under the supervision of Mr. Vincent Obianodo Amaechi with a fleet of only two indigenous Mercedes buses, primarily serving the Enugu-Onitsha region.

Young Shall Grow Motors has developed tremendously over the years, and today employs over 1500 people and operates over 100 routes both within and outside of Nigeria. For the convenience of the deluxe commuters, this company even has more than 700 high-end luxury buses. Young Shall Grow Motors has terminals in Ghana and Togo, among other West African countries.

From the front desk receptionists to the drivers, this road transportation company has a rather well trained and well-overseen personnel. This company has indeed supplied luxury, pleasant, and high-quality transportation services to clients in the past, earning several positive comments and, of course, retaining its prominence in the Nigerian commercial vehicle market to this day.

Routes Plied by Young Shall Grow Motors

This transport company plies the following routes on a regular:

  • Abuja to Akwa-Ibom
  • Abuja to Imo state
  • Abuja to Lagos state
  • Abuja to Port-Harcourt
  • Enugu to Abuja
  • Enugu to Lagos
  • Enugu to Nasarawa
  • Lagos to Abuja
  • Lagos to Aba
  • Lagos to Akwa-Ibom
  • Lagos to Ebonyi
  • Lagos to Enugu
  • Lagos to Imo
  • Lagos to Onitsha
  • Lagos to Port-Harcourt
  • Port-Harcourt to Abuja
  • Port-Harcourt to Imo
  • Port-Harcourt to Lagos
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Young Shall Grow Motors Price List

Below, you’ll find the recently updated price list of Young shall grow Motors in 2022:


Utako – Port-Harcourt(Rivers state)₦4,500
Utako – Jibowu(Lagos state)₦6,300
Utako to Owerri(Imo state)₦4,500
Utako – Amichi(Akwa-Ibom state)₦5,000


Enugu – Lagos₦7,000
Enugu – Abuja₦7,550
Enugu – Mararaba(Nasarawa state)₦7,100


Jibowu – Port-Harcourt₦4,500
Jibowu – Osha (Ebonyi state)₦4,500
Jibowu – Onitsha₦7,000
Jibowu – Owerri₦5,500
Jibowu – Nanya (Abuja)₦6,300
Jibowu – Enugu₦4,500
Jibowu – Amichi(Akwa-Ibom state)₦5,000
Jibowu – Wuse(Abuja)₦7,550
Jibowu – Aba₦5,500
Lagos – Enugu₦7,000
Lagos – Abuja₦7,500
Lagos – Onitsha₦7,000

Rivers State:

Port-Harcourt – Imo state(Owerri)₦4,000
Port-Harcourt – Abuja(Nanya)₦4,950
Port-Harcourt – Lagos state(Jibowu)₦4,500

Please keep in mind that these prices are constantly in flux at the company’s discretion. As a result, it’s always a good idea to budget for at least a 20% price rise before heading to the terminal.

Young Shall Grow Motors Terminals

Below are precise locations where YSG Motors are found.

Lagos Terminals

LagosAgege, Lagos[email protected]
LagosNew Road, T4 LA, Lagos08033302420, 08050004720[email protected]
LagosIjora, Lagos08033271430, 08055004767[email protected]
LagosAlaba, Lagos08170765674
LagosAlafia, Lagos08033834298
LagosBadagry, Lagos
LagosCele B/Stop, Lagos
LagosFirst Gate, Lagos
LagosIba Estate, Lagos[email protected]
LagosAlaba Alagoe, Lagos[email protected]
LagosIkotun, Lagos[email protected]
LagosJibowu, Lagos07095138023[email protected]
LagosMile 12, Lagos
LagosOjuelegba, Lagos08033352485, 08055004769[email protected]
LagosOshodi, Lagos08055004692, 08023181284[email protected]
LagosOtto Iddo, Lagos08033332239, 08033280184, 08088644444[email protected]
LagosAjah, Lagos08069757342

The Other Nigerian States

AnambraOnitsha, Anambra08033374545[email protected]
AbiaAba, Abia08055004724[email protected]
AbiaUmuahia, Abia08068866176,08054600345
AbiaOhafia, Abia08068866176[email protected]
AbujaAbuja08034066992, 08055004867[email protected]
AbujaKubwa, Abuja08032550170[email protected]
AdamawaYola, Adamawa08064821855[email protected]
BauchiBauchi, Bauchi[email protected]
BenueBoko, Benue[email protected]
BenueOtukpo, Benue[email protected]
BenueMakurdi, Benue[email protected]
Cross-RiverCalabar, Crossriver08037516687, 08055004717[email protected]
Cross-RiverOgoja, Crossriver07030167080[email protected]
Akwa-IbomUyo, Akwa Ibom[email protected]
Akwa-IbomOron, Akwa-Ibom08034066992, 08055004867[email protected]
AnambraNeni, Anambra[email protected]
Anambra Awka, Anambra[email protected]
Anambra Umunze, Anambra[email protected]
AnambraEkwulobia, Anambra[email protected]
DeltaAsaba, Delta[email protected]
EbonyiEbonyi, Abakaliki08068025733[email protected]
EdoBenin City, Edo[email protected]
EnuguEnugu, Enugu08033203189[email protected]
ImoOpposite St. Joseph Catholic Church, Okigwe, Imo08039107526[email protected]
ImoAkokwa, Imo08039107526[email protected]
ImoNo 4 Amaigbo road, Umuna, Orlu, Imo08039107526[email protected]
ImoOwerri, Imo08060069773[email protected]
ImoAnara, Imo[email protected]
KadunaKaduna, Kaduna08036438074[email protected]
KanoKano, Kano08027391868,08033282677[email protected]
KogiLokoja, Kogi[email protected]
BornoMaiduguri, Borno08067779700[email protected]
NasarawaMararaba, Nasarawa07031565582[email protected]
BenueGboko, Ogoja[email protected]
OgunSango Otta, Ogun[email protected]
OyoOpposite Nigerian Breweries, Alakia, Ibadan, Oyo08037797090, 08079751771[email protected]
NigerMinna, Niger[email protected]
RiversPort Harcourt, Rivers08032753110[email protected]
PlateauSonef Filling Station at 400m De Halle De Bamako Niamakoro, Bamako, Jos08065587947[email protected]
SokotoSokoto, Sokoto08035765368[email protected]
YobeDamaturu, Yobe[email protected]

West Africa Terminals

Ghana Terminals

76 Neoplan Station Road, beside Avenor Chemist, Accra, Ghana+233247749523, 233272961486[email protected]
Accra-Kumasi Road, Achimota, by Boomerang Night Club (Caprice), Accra, Ghana+233249085920[email protected]
Techiman, Ghana+233247749523, 233272961486[email protected]
Kumasi, Ghana[email protected]

Ivory Coast Terminals

Gare Sade Avenue 1, Trechville, Rue 40, Abidjan, Ivory Coast+22507974675, +22545878107[email protected]
Mirador Opposite Import office, behind Gendarmerie, Adjame+22508724544[email protected]

Mali Terminal

 Sonef Filling Station at 400m De Halle De Bamako Niamaicora, Bamako+22320206793, +22376435514[email protected]

Togo Terminal

Lome, Togo[email protected]

Burkina Faso Terminal

Ouagadugu, Burkina Faso[email protected]

Traveling With YSG Motors (How to Book Tickets)

Booking tickets with YSG Motors takes precedence over every other thing because you cannot embark on a journey without having tickets.

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To book a ticket to travel with Young Shall Grow Motors, you have three alternatives.

Online Booking

This is by far the easiest and most efficient method of booking tickets with Young shall grow motors. Follow the procedures below to book a travel ticket online with YSG motors.

  • Visit
  • A drop-down menu appears showing “start your booking”
  • Choose your current location;
  • Choose the location to which you’ll be traveling;
  • Select the number of people you’ll be traveling with. If it’s only the two of you, pick one.
  • Select “Continue booking” from the drop-down menu.
  • Proceed to the payment stage;
  • Please download your receipt.

Booking Via Mobile App

  • Download the “YSG Motors” application via the play store or app store;
  • Follow the rest of the procedures above.

Physical Booking

This can be done by visiting any of the closest terminals to you. Procedures to follow will definitely be passed on to you by the manager of the branch you go to.

Services Rendered by Young Shall Grow Motors

YSG motors render a range of services to individuals. Among these services are:

  • Road transportation of people and goods
  • Cargo Services
  • Charter services
  • West Coast services
  • YSG Lodge: Accommodation for late-night travelers

Safety Measures Put in Place by Young Shall Grow Motors

Young Shall Grow Motors guarantees that all of its vehicles are fitted with surveillance equipment, making it possible to monitor the drivers’ travels and ensure that they do not violate the company’s speed limit while also adhering to traffic norms and regulations.

The company also takes account of the vehicles’ state at all times, ensuring that they are serviced as needed and that any flaws are repaired as soon as they are noticed or notified. The car tracking system also guarantees that drivers are provided with the highest routes to avoid congestion and that passengers are not constrained to a specific route; the driver is obliged to choose the most efficient path feasible.

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This piece has discussed essential information regarding Young Shall Grow motors. If your question has been left unanswered even after going through this piece, please feel free to contact their head office. The details would be given below.

No questions?

To check current transportation costs, Kindly Use: Free Transportat Cost Checker Tool

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