Tarkwa Bay Beach: Everything You Need To Know

Tarkwa Bay Beach is an “oasis” from the hectic life on Lagos Island. The protected beach is located in Lagos Harbour and is approximately a 20-minute boat journey from Victoria Island. The excursion is ideal for a “daycation.”

It also has guest homes, making it an ideal destination for a honeymoon break (if you’re not prepared to cope with the complications that come with having a Nigerian passport). After so many years of living in Lagos, I’m embarrassed to confess that this was my first visit.

How to Get to Tarkwa Bay

We boarded a boat at FIKI Marina, which is located at 3/4 OzumbaMbadiwe Ave, Eti-Osa, Lagos. On weekends, the boats run at an hourly rate (but this may be delayed so expect it).

A return trip for an adult costs N4,000, while a trip for a child costs N3,000. They’re open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The final boat out of Tarkwa Bay is scheduled to leave at 6 p.m.

Arrivals at the Beach

Because the boats cannot dock on the beach’s coast, you must get into a floater, which will then be dragged to shore (it’s a balancing but fun activity to get through this). The beach charges an admission fee (currently at N200)

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Down At the Beach

When you arrive at Tarkwa Bay Beach, expect to be accosted. Many people will approach you and try to sell you cabanas or offer to carry your stuff for you. If you don’t want to rent a cabana or a chair, simply ignore them.

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However, if you intend to hire a cabana or a chair, chat with them and bargain. Fortunately, I ran into friends who were planning an event, so I didn’t have to pay for a chair/cabana.

Tarkwa Bay Spending Time

On the beach, there are several merchants (many being children). They are quite courteous, so they will not intrude if you tell them not to. I had a fantastic time conversing with the kids and even purchasing beach attire from them.

Snacks made from coconuts, groundnuts, and other nuts are available for purchase. To give you an idea of the price, my coconut cost N200. It’s noteworthy to note that Tarkwa Bay is home to a large number of people, as well as schools and churches.

On the beach, you may play volleyball (bring your own ball, as just a net is provided), ride a horse, and so on.

Tips and Hacks For Tarkwa Bay

Arrive in Tarkwa Bay early – try to depart Fiki Marina early in the morning to make the most of the day.

Carry your own meals and drinks — we made sure to load up on water, alcohol, snacks, ice, and so on so that we had enough food to go around.

Bring an ice cooler to keep your ice and beverages cold.

Bring cash because beach vendors only accept it.

If you want music and a “vibe,” bring a speaker to play your own music and make sure all electricals are well charged.

Come along with a swimsuit, towel, and a change of clothing. Many others went swimming, but I didn’t for no apparent reason.

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Have you ever gone to Tarkwa Bay? If you have, please share a travel tip in the comments section. Whether you haven’t already, please leave a comment to let me know if you found my tutorial beneficial. I’m hoping so.

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