Top 10 Best Areas To Live In Lagos State

Looking for the best areas to live in Lagos state without having to worry much about safety and expenses? Check out this piece.

Lagos state appears to be the most populated of the thirty-six states in the federation, accounting for at least thirteen percent of Nigeria’s total population. As a result, it can be deduced that Lagos is a very popular city and that it is by far the most desired.

Many people travel to Lagos in pursuit of a better life. This is due to the fact that Lagos is one of Nigeria’s most developed and beautiful states. Lagos is home to a plethora of changes that have the potential to transform one’s life.

However, in the pursuit of a better life, many obstacles arise in terms of ensuring one’s life’s security and sustainability. When going to Lagos state, examine whether areas are affordable, safe, and convenient to regular places.

As a tourist, though, you should be more worried about being close to tourist attractions in Lagos. Not only that, but you should be concerned about where you can stay in a state that is both affordable and safe.

It is crucial to know, however, that Lagos state is not just any location you can visit without planning ahead of time, especially these days when abduction is so common. Even when looking for greener pastures, one must exercise caution.

Aside from kidnapping, a wide range of crimes is performed on a daily basis. Even humans can be killed by stray shots. When moving about, you must exercise extreme caution.

For these reasons, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best places to stay in Lagos, using affordability, closeness to neighboring neighborhoods, and security standards as criteria in selecting them

Top 10 Best Areas To Live In Lagos


Ikoyi appears to be one of the best areas to live in Lagos. In the state of Lagos, Ikoyi is the most opulent area. Ikoyi is in Lagos’ Eti-Osa Local Government Area, on the northeastern outskirts of Obalende, near Lagos Island and the Lagos Lagoon.

Ikoyi is frequently assumed to be home to Nigeria’s upper-class citizens. It is one of Nigeria’s wealthiest areas. The World Health Organization (WHO), the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, and Google Nigeria’s headquarters are all located in Ikoyi (NDLEA).

In addition, the Nigerian Government’s Presidential Secretariat and the Deputy-Governor of Lagos State are also based in Ikoyi. Ikoyi has a near-zero crime rate, and the community complements this with top-notch security.

In Ikoyi, there are many good schools, Montessori schools, colleges, and institutes, making it a perfect place to raise children. Ikoyi is not only one of the greatest areas to reside in Lagos, but it is also one of the safest.


Another fantastic neighborhood in Lagos is Yaba. It is a Lagos Mainland suburb and one of the nicest spots in the city to raise a family. Yaba is not as posh as Lekki or VI, yet it is one of Lagos’ most desirable neighborhoods.

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Yaba is home to some of Nigeria’s best educational institutions. Queens College, The Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, The Yaba College of Technology, The University of Lagos, Federal Science and Technical College, The Federal College of Education, and a slew of other top-tier private schools, nurseries, primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions are all located in Yaba.

There isn’t a street in Yaba that isn’t patrolled by police officers. The advantage of staying in Yaba in terms of security is that it is home to a lot of federal government educational facilities, allowing for a high level of protection.

Yaba is also the home to one of the very popular markets in Lagos, the Tejuosho market.


Ikeja, the capital of Lagos state, is one of the most densely populated areas in the state. As such, it is one of the best areas to live in Lagos state. It’s a well-kept, calm neighborhood containing residential and business structures, as well as shopping malls, pharmacies, and government reservation zones. Murtala Mohammed International and Local Airport is located in Ikeja.

Ikeja also has a number of commercial centers, including the Ikeja City Mall, the Ikeja Computer Village, one of West Africa’s largest ICT hubs, and a Government Reserved Area. The Government Reserved Area also happens to be very affordable.

Ikeja is also home to a number of excellent schools, hospitals, and security checkpoints. Ikeja is a gold mine for landlords and real estate agents if you enjoy investing. Even while living in Ikeja may appear to be costly, it is one of Lagos’ most affordable areas.


Surulere is one of Lagos’ most affordable neighborhoods and one of the best areas to live in Lagos, located on the Lagos mainland, in the heart of Lagos.

Surulere is a Lagos Mainland LGA with a mix of residential and business properties. Surulere is accessible from nearly every Lagos highway and road. It’s a city with street lights, shopping malls, sports complexes, stores, and paved roads, all surrounded by the warmth of a decent community. Ojuelegba is a renowned tourist destination in Surulere.

Surulere, like the rest of Lagos, has its fair share of traffic jams. During rush hour, the roadways are generally congested. Surulere also offers a diverse range of activities, including a retail center and a cinema, among others. Shitta, Ojuelegba, Stadium, Itire-Ikate, Ijesha, Lawanson, Ogunlana Drive, Adeniran Ogunsanya, Masha, and Kilo are other popular areas in Surulere.


Another fantastic place to live in Lagos is the Lekki-Ajah axis. Lekki is a naturally created peninsula near Victoria Island and Ikoyi with a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean to the south, the Lagos Lagoon to the north, and the Lekki Lagoon to the east. In Lagos, Lekki is known for being the home of celebrities.

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With the Dangote refinery still under construction, Lekki will become one of Africa’s most straightforward investment opportunities. In terms of expansion and development, Lekki has moved a long way ahead of its peers.

One of the easiest places in Nigeria to start a business is in this affluent community. There is no place in Lagos like Lekki when it comes to money and class. In Nigeria, Lekki is referred to as “Beverly Hills.”

Lekki is a Lagos neighborhood with fantastic work prospects, dependable government backing, high-quality private schools, world-class medical facilities, shopping complexes and malls, sports and leisure facilities, and more.


Festac is a federal housing complex on the Lagos-Badagry Expressway, which is quite popular. Festac Town is a national housing estate in the Lagos local government area of Awuwo-Odofin. Festac also provides accessible pathways that will help you avoid Lagos gridlock. Ikotun, Mushin, Surulere, Ikeja, and even Oshodi are all easily accessible by road.

Festac is home to some of Lagos’ most fascinating facts and legends, earning it a spot on our list of the top 10 best areas to live in Lagos.

Festac is one of the nicest neighborhoods in Lagos for raising a family, as well as one of the most serene. A stable power supply, police and fire stations, state-of-the-art supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and health clinics can all be found in this neighborhood. You can enjoy your life in Lagos while living in Festac.


Magodo is located on the outskirts of Lagos, near Ikeja and Ojodu Berger. Magodo is a residential zone that is renowned to be home to some of society’s wealthiest citizens. Magodo is a location in Lagos’ Kosofe Local Government Area.

Magodo is not only near to one of Lagos’ largest markets, Ketu Market, but it is also one of Nigeria’s most beautiful locales. If you’re searching for a comfortable, secure area to live in Lagos with good roads, a dynamic environment, good social amenities, and nice neighbors, the Magodo Housing Estate is the place to be.

Magodo is without a doubt the ideal spot to reside if you want to be close to your workplace. These apartments and residences in this district of Lagos are just gorgeous. You’ll be close to some of the city’s best leisure facilities if you live here. You’re also near Lagos’ outskirts.

Apart from the regular traffic bottleneck during rush hour, which is a turnoff, there is no major challenge that comes with staying in Magodo.

Victoria Island (VI)

Victoria Island (VI) is a wealthy neighborhood in Lagos’ Eti-Osa Local Government Area. It is surrounded by Lagos Island, the Lekki Peninsula, and Ikoyi, and it used to be an island.

One of the nicest places to live in Lagos is Victoria Island. In Nigeria, Victoria Island has become the preferred location for large multinational corporations.

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Since 1985, VI has been the preferred headquarters of many major corporations and businesses in Lagos. Despite the fact that Victoria Island is by far the most costly place to reside in Lagos, it is well worth every naira.

The Eko Atlantic is one of the nicest places to live in this neighborhood. If you want to buy a house in VI, it’s a fantastic spot to live. VI is one of Lagos’s most attractive locations for starting a business. In terms of robbery and accidents, Victoria Island is one of the safest spots in Lagos.

Banana Island

Banana Island is a man-made island located off the coast of Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. Banana Island is well-known for being home to wealthy Nigerians and having some of the most costly real estate in the country. Anyone who has spent time on the Island, however, will agree that it is in a league of its own.

Many people’s first thoughts when it comes to their place of residence are safety and security. As a Banana Island resident, the last thing on your mind should be security.

The island’s management has placed a premium on the people’s safety above all else. Banana Island, on the other hand, provides you with peace of mind when it comes to protecting your property and its contents.

Professional security men and women patrol the island’s main entrance 24 hours a day. These security guards are not only visible at the front entrance, but they are also present throughout the Island.


Apapa is a Lagos Local Government Area on the western side of the island of Lagos. Apapa is not just a city at the heart of excellence; it is also one of Nigeria’s best places to live. Apapa is also home to a number of enterprises, including the headquarters of the Nigerian daily ThisDay.

This fact has aided in the development of the region and has played a significant role in the expansion of Lagos’ commercial and economic activity. Apapa is a bustling business district.

This district, which is connected to the Lagos Lagoon, is home to a number of ports, terminals, and warehouses that help the city’s international trade. Apapa is also home to active railway stations, refineries, shipping enterprises, clearing and transportation firms, and lovely residential areas.

The downside is that Apapa sees a lot of product and people movement, with the majority of those movements experiencing substantial delays and accidents. However, Apapa continues to be home to some of Lagos’ most opulent properties.

Many individuals choose it as a residence place because of its safe environment, well-paved roads, ease of conducting business, and social amenities.

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