Dangote Cement Price in Nigeria

Dangote Cement price in Nigeria is constantly fluctuating without prior notice. Land Owners, Engineers, Builders, Developers, and Quantity Surveyors cannot do anything either about the increasing cement prices.

The trend of cost change in Dangote cement price in Nigeria can only be followed to get the right tenders and current quotations.

Indeed, the price of cement in Nigeria can not just be stated considering the always-changing nature of cement prices in Nigeria.

However, having an idea of the recent Dangote cement price changes can be helpful in many ways. This post would continually be updated to suit the ever-changing prices.

From substructures to superstructures, houses in Nigeria are constructed with different cement types sold in the country. One of the best cement used in Nigerian building projects today is the Dangote Cement.

The Dangote Cement is no different from the other cement types whose prices are always on the increase.

Dangote Cement Price In Nigeria Today

The current price of Dangote cement in Nigeria today is ₦3,800 – ₦3,900 for the 50kg bag and ₦2,250,000 – ₦2,400,000 for a truckload of 600 50kg bags.

Why The Unstable Dangote Cement Price In Nigeria

The reason for the range of Dangote cement prices in Nigeria is the inconstancy in price based on location and transportation costs from the manufacturing companies.

In States like Lagos and Abuja, the Dangote cement price in Nigeria per bag may rise to about ₦200.

Discrepancies to the supply of gas and the increasing price of automotive gas oil (diesel) have an additional effect on the increasing Dangote Cement price.

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Other Factors Affecting Cement Producing Companies include:

  1. Increasing Electricity tariffs
  2. Lack of access to foreign exchange
  3. Ever-changing Government policies
  4. High cost of production materials of cement in Nigeria

All these factors result in a reduced number of customers that would buy cement at current prices. It also causes a reduction in sales and profits on the side of the manufacturers.

The manufacturers on their part cannot bear all the losses. They in turn hedge an increase in the price of cement.

Even with the increased number of commodities produced in Nigeria, the price of Dangote Cement continues to skyrocket partly because of the ban on the importation of foreign cement into the country.

Why should I buy Dangote Cement?

Dangote Cement is one of the most commonly purchased brands of cement in Nigeria today.

There are over ten other cement brands produced in Nigeria apart from Dangote cement. However, it is still preferred among the others even though Dangote cement price in Nigeria is comparatively expensive when compared with the other cement brands. This is partly because Dangote cement is owned by one of Africa’s Richest Men.

The best and most popular cement produced in Nigeria by top cement manufacturing Industries according to the Nigerian Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, is the Ordinary Portland Cement(OPC).

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The Dangote Cement is an Ordinary Portland Cement too.

Ordinary Portland cement or rather Dangote Cement is commonly used as a masonry adhesive and for binding concrete in combination to give fine and coarse aggregates in a determinate mix ratio.

This reduces the amount and cost of Mortar used in molding, plastering of walls, laying of blocks, etc. The Portland cement is used in Concrete for casting beams, slabs, columns, pavements, and embankments, among others.

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Dangote products

Any product branded with Dangote is assuredly a Dangote product. The brand name has gained trust from Nigerians; part of why Dangote cement is highly marketable.

Other Dangote Products

Dangote cement

Dangote Flour

Dangote Spaghetti

Dangote sugar

These Dangote products have a great reputation not just in Nigeria but all across Africa

How to know what cement brand or type you should buy

When choosing any cement type, it is advised that you know the best grade of cement that would suit your construction purpose.

This would aid you in achieving quality results after the construction project. The cement grade gives information on the minimum Compressive strength (N/mm2 or MPa) attainable by the concrete/cement after 28 days from the setting.

The standard grades for Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) are Grade 43 and Grade 53. They are gotten from a blend of OPC Clinker with a little quantity of Gypsum. This grade of cement is the one found in Dangote cement.

Most Popular Nigerian cement brands meet up the minimum grading requirements.

For instance, a 50kg Dangote cement bag is graded as 42.5-grade of cement. The Dangote Cement also has a BlocMaster. The premium high-quality Portland limestone cement attains up to 50mpa in compressive strength is the grading score after 28 days.

Other Cement manufacturing companies like Ibeto and Bua group also reach the minimum standard for general-purpose (42.5-grade) as stipulated by the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON).

It is very best to ascertain the quality and strength of any Cement type you wish to use before making an order, retail or wholesale purchase. Endeavor to check for the expiry date as well.

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Price of Cement in Nigeria

Now that you have a list of what to check out for when buying Cement, the next thing is to find out which brand you can buy based on your personal preference and purchasing power.

Some of the Determinants in choosing a type of cement to use include:

Cost of production

Purchasing logistics

These are some of the few things that cause the slight difference in the price of cement types in the various depots across the country.

The price of a 50kg bag of cement in Port Harcourt is not the same as the price of the same Cement bag in Abuja, Benin City, Lagos, or other States in Nigeria.

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Even with these price differences in Cement, the average cost of a bag of cement in Nigeria is ₦3,750 in retail quantities and ₦2,200 for wholesale quantities (that is for purchase in Trailer load).

A Trailer or Truckload can carry 600 to 900 bags of cement.

Below is the updated price list of cement in Nigeria

Current Price of Cement in Nigeria Today

Dangote Cement price in Nigeria: 50kg Bag Retail Price – ₦4,100; 600 bags Wholesale Price – ₦1,500,000

Lafarge Cement price: 50kg Bag Retail Price – ₦4,000; 600 bags Wholesale Price – ₦1,400,000

Ibeto Cement price: 50kg Bag Retail Price – ₦3,950; 600 bags Wholesale Price – ₦1,450,000

Ashaka Cement price: 50kg Bag Retail Price – ₦3,900; 600 bags Wholesale Price – ₦1,400,00

BUA Cement price: 50kg Bag Retail Price – ₦3,300; 600 bags Wholesale Price – ₦1,380,000

Eagle Cement price: 50kg Bag Retail Price – ₦3,500; 600 bags Wholesale Price – ₦1,200,000

UNICEM price: 50kg Bag Retail Price – ₦3,850; 600 bags Wholesale Price – ₦1,350,000

Where to buy Dangote cement

You can purchase Dangote Cement in nearly every part of Nigeria. This cement is readily available even in remote areas as there is a continual need for building and construction materials.

Some of the other cement brands only deliver their cement regionally but this is not the same in the case of Dangote cement.

You can ask any cement retailer or wholesaler to direct you on how you can get the Dangote cement delivered to your locality.

Quality of Dangote Cement

Dangote Cement is agreeable to be of high quality by most building and construction engineers and Professionals in the country.

Dangote cement is of high quality as compared to most of the other competitors. Dangote Kwikset cement is the perfect option as it sets quickly.

Top Cement Manufacturers / Producers in Nigeria

  1. Dangote Cement
  2. Elephant / Lafarge Cement
  3. Ibeto Cement
  4. Ashaka Cement
  5. BUA Cement
  6. Eagle Cement

How to become a Dangote Cement Distributor

If you wish to set up a structure or build a house and you want to have a hinge on the Dangote Cement Price in Nigeria per truckload or a distributor package; then you may refer to the guidelines outlined in the Dangote Cement Price section of this post.

Also, if you want to start up the business distributing Dangote Cement, then you are on the right section of this post.

Dangote cement distribution is a very lucrative business due to the added benefits and income that can be pulled from the business.

Once you have the start-up capital and a good storage facility or warehouse for the Dangote cement, then you can venture into the business of distributing this cement.

Things Needed to Start Distributing Dangote Cement in Nigeria

  1. Start-up capital that can cover the cost of purchasing a truckload (600 bags) of Dangote Cement
  2. Your Cement Company Registration documents were awarded by the CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission).
  3. A scanned copy of your reference letter from your bank
  4. Passport photographs
  5. A written application stating your intent for becoming a Dangote Cement Distributor
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The above documents should not be sent as photocopies, but as scanned copies of the original documents.

After you have gathered all these, move forward to download the application form for Dangote Distributors.

Mail the scanned copies to [email protected]

Alternatively, you can send the photocopies of the documents conventionally to the mailing address below:

The Group Head,

Corporate Commissions,

Dangote Cement PLC,

3rd floor, Union Marble House

1 Alfred Rewane Road, Falomo

Ikoyi, Lagos

Once your application is received, it will be reviewed and you would be contacted duly.

If you want to get a special discount on the Dangote Cement Price for purchase, you can also relate this in a mail to the same address.

What you should know about Dangote Cement PLC

This is a brief review of one of the major cement companies in Nigeria: Dangote Cement

The Dangote Cement PLC is a multinational company and is a leading indigenous cement company in Nigeria, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The group champions the sale of cement in over 10 countries in the region. The Chairman and founder of Dangote Cement PLC is a business magnate and Billionaire, Alhaji Aliko Dangote.

Dangote Cement PLC was founded in 1992 as Obajana Cement Plc but was later renamed Dangote Cement PLC in 2010.

Currently, the Dangote Cement company is at the peak of the industry as the largest cement-producing company in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dangote Cement has an annual production capacity of 48.6 million tonnes, with about 3 cement factories in Nigeria, one in Tanzania, and another in Senegal.

The Dangote Cement PLC headquarters is located in Lagos, Nigeria. The largest cement factory in Sub-Saharan Africa is the Obajana manufacturing plant in Kogi State, Nigeria, Ibese in Ogun State, and Gboko in Benue.

The Obajana manufacturing plant produces 10.25mmtpa (million metric tonnes per annum), the Ibese plant produces 6mmtpa, and the Gboko plant produces 4mmtpa. This gives a total production of 20.25mmtpa.

Dangote cement distribution cuts across markets in some African countries like Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Gabon, Nigeria, Congo, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, Togo, Zambia, and Liberia among others.

The Dangote Cement PLC was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) in 2014. This was four years after the company was publicized.

The company accounts for 20% of the total market capitalization of the NSE. Dangote Cement ranked 93% of the total profit made by the Nigerian Cement Industry in Q3 2017. Dangote Cement PLC is the largest fraction of the Dangote group.

Dangote Cement is recognized and sold as the best Cement in Nigeria thus its generic distribution in most parts of the country. Dangote Cement is not the best in price because it is currently the most expensive cement in Nigeria but yet the guaranteed builders’ choice.

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