Top 10 Best Real Estate Companies In Nigeria (2024)

What are the best real estate companies in Nigeria currently?

It is an undeniable fact that the real estate sector, in recent times, has been rewarding to its investors in Nigeria. Real Estate is such an important aspect of every community. This is because every living being needs shelter. Every individual definitely needs a home to call his or her own.

Now if you’re reading this piece, it is most likely that you it into one of the following categories:

  • You have a property for sale and require only a trusted source to partner with.
  • You intend to purchase a property and have no idea what companies to trust with the process.
  • You’re seeking employment in one of the best real estate companies in Nigeria.
  • You want to be a real estate investor but have no technical know-how of how to do this.

You can read this post with confidence knowing that the information presented is factual and accurate, regardless of why you may be doing so. The real estate companies in Nigeria are covered in detail in this article, as are all of your other pertinent questions.

Let’s go right to the topic’s details, which are the Top Ten Best Real Estate Companies in Nigeria, without saying much more.

What are the best real estate companies in Nigeria?

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Best Real Estate Companies in Nigeria

The best real estate companies in Nigeria today are:

Jide Taiwo & Co.

Jide Taiwo and Co. has been in existence for more than 40 years and has made a name for itself as a dominant player with 30 offices across the country and numerous international alliances and connections. This business was established in 1980, and it is currently a member of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV).

300 seasoned workers who are specialists in their respective professions work for the company, according to estimates. Property assessment, property management, facility management, project development, consultancy, and counselling are just a few of the services provided by Jide Taiwo & Co.

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Adron Homes and Property Limited

Without regard to a person’s income, social standing, or anything else, Adron Homes & Properties Limited seeks to provide them with decent, affordable housing.

With a goal of achieving the highest possible number of decent, easily accessible, cozy, and reasonably priced homes while maintaining a high standard of living for all people worldwide, this company aspires to become the premier Pan-African real estate development company.

Adron Homes and Property is a top option for real estate professionals because it provides rebates to its clients and provides exceptional service.

King’s Court Realtors

The primary objective of King’s Court Realtors, a real estate company with a license to operate in Nigeria, is to provide professional real estate services. This real estate company is situated on Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria. All types of properties are sold, leased, developed, and managed by King’s Court Realtors.

This company is a subsidiary of Emeka Okoronkwo Associates, a reputable estate surveying and valuation firm with a mix of young and experienced specialists operating in the local and international real estate markets.

Property Link Real Estate Investment

One of the top real estate firms in Lagos is Property Link, and it offers services mostly in the United Kingdom, the United States, Dubai, and South Africa. Of course, this business provides high-quality services to all of its customers, regardless of their social or economic status.

Property Link Real Estate Investment is one of the biggest foreign and independent real estate companies in the nation, claims CEH, an American Real Estate Investment Company. In addition, the organization employs skilled professionals in the numerous disciplines needed by the business.

Cortts Real Estate

Professionals are used by Cortts Real Estate to carry out their work duties. This organization excels at what it does and provides services including property advisory, project development, and real estate development.

In Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, this real estate corporation has its main office. In particular, but not exclusively, Ikoyi and Lekki are the areas where the company administers and develops properties. A dependable marketing team is in place at the organization to help with sales, and it offers services to customers in other regions of the nation as well.

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Landmark Corporate Realty

In order to maintain every property to the highest quality standards, achieve the greatest operating efficiencies, and ultimately realize the highest profit performance, Landmark Corporate Realty offers all of the ancillary services, abilities, and systems required. The business makes sure that customers only receive unrivaled knowledge and a positive experience.

Additionally, real estate experts with years of experience and solid training are employed by Landmark Corporate Realty. They work tirelessly to give both new and recurring clients first-rate service. All of this is done to make real estate as affordable as possible while ensuring that clients receive only the highest level of satisfaction.

Primrose Development Company

Primrose Development Corporation is a company that develops real estate and other types of property. Its founders, Primrose Properties Investment Limited (PPIL) and City Securities Limited, were both real estate development companies that existed more than thirty years ago.

Its offerings include project management, feasibility study, and conducting design work in addition to locating real estate prospects.

A team of seasoned real estate professionals work for this business, and each service they offer is given unique ideas and solutions.

Cadwell Limited

One of the native real estate companies in Nigeria is Cadwell Limited, which mostly specializes in upscale residences, offices, and apartments. Today, the business has undergone such significant growth that it is now regarded as one of Nigeria’s top real estate enterprises.

Property promotion, real estate development, property management, and resale of real estate products are among the services offered by Cadwell Limited. This business, which is among the best in Nigeria, also uses a high quality method to resolving the real estate problems of its clients.

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Primewaterview Limited

Currently ranked among the top five indigenous property development firms in Nigeria is PrimewaterView Limited, a company that develops real estate. Primewaterview Limited was a business that handled investments and real estate before it was incorporated in 2005.

Ikoyi and Victoria Island, two affluent areas of Lagos, are just two of the upscale neighborhoods it has developed a number of residential and commercial properties. The company has recently begun operating in Ogun State and Ibadan, respectively, so its operations are not restricted to Lagos alone. The business additionally provides state-of-the-art remedies for the issues of its customers.

Fine And Country

The greatest real estate firms in Nigeria nowadays are Fine and Country, which consistently provides its customers with top-notch services. In addition to other services, the business provides research, analysis, and advice services for real estate and its products.

Due to the high caliber of their offerings, the business has also received numerous awards. Both domestic and foreign magazines are used by Fine and Country to sell its products. The company’s efforts to assure the property marketing of real estate items can be seen by the company’s actions alone.

Additionally, this company enjoys strong relationships both domestically and globally with other top real estate firms. It should come as no surprise that it is steadily advancing to become Nigeria’s top real estate company.

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Final Thoughts

The best real estate companies in Nigeria currently have been covered in this article. Are you unsure whether this article is reliable enough to present solid research? If you were still unsure, you probably wouldn’t be reading this section of the article. Please keep in mind that the comment section is available to everyone if you have any more questions. Do not be hesitant to leave yours there. As soon as we can, we’ll reply.

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