Top 10 Largest Towns and Cities In Cross River State

Are you looking for a comprehensive list of the top ten largest towns and cities in cross river state for the year? This article will provide you with all of the information you require.

Are you one of the many people planning to relocate to this lovely city but have no idea where to begin? Perhaps you’re a visitor planning to visit Cross River State soon and want to at least have a sense of what to expect when you arrive. You’ve arrived at the right location.

The cross river state was outlined as one of the key states with the biggest amount of tourist attractions in Nigeria in our post on the top 10 most beautiful states in Nigeria.

We’ve chosen to bring additional information about Cross River state to your attention because it ranks on our list of the topmost beautiful states in Nigeria. In this article, the largest towns and cities in this state will be explored.

Analysis Of Cross River State

Cross River is a state in southern Nigeria that has an eastern border with Cameroon. The Niger Delta region, is a coastline state. It is bordered on the north by Benue State, on the west by Ebonyi and Abia States, on the east by Cameroon’s Sud-Ouest Province, and on the south by Akwa-Ibom and the Atlantic Ocean.

There are 18 Local Government Councils in the state. The Cross River, which runs through the state, is the source of the state’s name.

The two most common foreign languages spoken in this state are English and French. The Efik, Yala, Ukelle, Bahumono, Bette, Yakurr, Igede, Ejagham, and Bekwarra are just a few of the ethnic groups that make up the State. French, Efik, Bekwarra, and Ejagham are the four major languages spoken in the state.

The Efik language is extensively spoken in Cross River State, particularly in the municipalities of Calabar and Calabar South, as well as the local government areas of Akpabuyo, Bakassi, Akampkpa, Biase, and Odukpani. In Cross River State, the Ejagham language is also widely spoken.

We may proceed.

Top 10 Largest Towns And Cities In Cross River State

A list of the top ten largest towns and cities in Cross River state will be presented on this note. Please keep in mind that this list is not in any specific order.

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Cross River State’s capital is Calabar, therefore it’s no surprise it’s topping the list of the Largest Towns and Cities In Cross River State. Calabar is by far one of the state’s most populous towns and cities.

It is intended to be the most developed city in the state as the capital. This side of Cross River State is home to about 600,000 people, making the city large enough to accommodate such a population.

The city is divided into two LGAs for administrative purposes: Calabar Municipal and Calabar South. It covers 406 square kilometers. Calabar has been a recognized international maritime port since the 16th century, carrying forth items such as palm oil.


Akamkpa is a city in the Cross River state of Nigeria, located in the Akamkpa Local Government Area. It is one of ten cities that make up the municipality, which was founded in 1976.

Akamkpa now covers 4930 square kilometers, about a quarter of the 20156 square kilometers of territory that makes up Cross River State, making it not just the state’s largest local government area, but also the largest in southern Nigeria. Akamkpa is also one of the most attractive cities in Cross River state.


Ikom is a town in Nigeria’s Cross River State. It covers a total area of 1,961 km2 (757 sq mi). The majority of Ikom’s residents are farmers. Ikom is a major banana and plantain producer for the Nigerian market. Cocoa is the mainstay of the economy in the Ikom Local Government Area, which is one of the country’s top producers of high-quality cocoa.

Ikom has soil that not only supports cocoa cultivation but also produces abundant beautiful succulent plantains and bananas. Yam. There is also a lot of maize and coco-yam growing there. These products are frequently transported from here to the country’s northern regions, including Calabar and other eastern states.


Yes, the famous cattle ranch city is amongst the Largest Towns and Cities In Cross River State. The cattle ranch has the highest height in the region, and Obudu is recognized for its mountainous topography.

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By national standards, the cattle ranch boasts great weather, a gorgeous natural setting, and outstanding leisure amenities. In some ways, the ranch is a microcosm of a world of luxury and culinary delight. The Obudu region’s economy is primarily based on food and cash crops farming.

The soil is naturally productive for agriculture, and the inhabitants take advantage of it to their advantage. The residents of Obudu were well-versed in diverse farming practices until the late 1970s, which earned them a reputation for producing pepper, yams, garden egg, rice, millet, bananas, sesame seeds, locust beans, plantain, black eye beans, cassava, and potatoes.


Odukpani is a local government area in the Nigerian state of Cross River. Odukpani is also a village in the state’s district.

The Council conducted an orientation workshop on farming practices and financial facilities for farmers in the Local Government Area as part of its attempts to sensitize farmers on enhanced modern techniques and methods of framing. The people of the Efik, Qua, Efut, and Okoyoung tribes are mainly found in this region.


Biase is a local government area in Nigeria’s Cross River State. The town of Akpet Central is the headquarters. It covers a total area of 1,310 km2. Biase residents are recognized for their hard work, particularly in agriculture.

The area is rich in fertile terrain suited for the growth of the following crop and cash crops: Groundnut, Cashew, Castor, Kola nut, Palm Tree, Plantation, Rice, Soya beams, Tea, Wheat, Yams, Banana, Cassava, Citrus Orchard, Honey breeding, Cocoa, Pineapple, Coffee, Mango, Cotton, and Grape.


Ogoja is a large town in Nigeria’s Cross River State. The word “Ogoja” is often used in Northern Cross River, which is one of the Cross River Local Government Areas. It covers an area of 972 km2. The people of Ekoi make up the majority of the city’s residents.

Subsistence agriculture, primarily cassava, yams, palm oil, and palm wine, is their main source of income. Ogoja is also among the largest towns and cities in Cross River State.


Obubra Local Government Area, with Obubra town as its capital, is one of the country’s oldest Local Government Areas. Obubra is 1,115 km2 in size. The National Youth Service Corps, Cross River State Orientation Camp is located in this Local Government Area’s Obubra Village. Natural resources, such as forest and mineral resources, abound in this community.

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Enormous deposits of quartz, salt, pyrite, limestones, iron, gravel, ore, lead, and sand are linked beneath the lush topsoil. The area also has a plethora of untapped tourism attractions, such as unique flora and animals.


Ugep also appears on our list of the top largest towns and cities in Cross River state. Ugep is a town in Nigeria’s Cross River State. The Yakurr are the people who live in the village.

Ugep, as it is commonly known, is one of the major units that make up Yakurr, and has been dubbed “West Africa’s largest hamlet.” Its inhabitants speak the Lokaa language, which is Yakurr’s common tongue.


This list of the Largest Towns and Cities In Cross River State is completed by Obanliku. Obanliku is a local government area in Nigeria’s Cross River State. Sankwala is where the organization’s headquarters are located.

Obanliku Local Government is located in Cross River State’s Northern Senatorial District. It is a Local Government Area that spans both state and international borders.

It covers a total area of 1,057 km2. Farmers make up the majority of the residents of Obanliku Local Government Area.

Agriculture, which accounts for over 80% of total production, is the mainstay of the Local Government Area’s economy. The area is rich in fertile terrain suited for the growth of the following cash and crop crops: Cocoa, Cashew, Cassava, Citrus Orchard, Coffee, and Castor among others.


In this article, the largest towns and cities in Akwa-Ibom have been examined in depth. This isn’t to suggest that other communities in the state aren’t significant. They just don’t match up with the ones listed above.

Please accept this as your official plug for the top ten largest towns and cities in the Cross River state. Do you have any questions? Use the box below to leave a comment. Thank you very much!

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