Number Of Blocks For A 2-Bedroom Flat

What is the required number of blocks for a 2-bedroom flat? Building your own home should be the next step due to the rising rent prices that are currently exorbitant. It is one of the best things that can happen to a person, not just because you are saving money.

Some locations would be able to construct a typical 2-bedroom apartment for less than the cost of renting a 3-bedroom home. You might wonder, why keep renting?

This is due to the fact that many people are unaware of the cost to construct a two-bedroom apartment, while others may find the prospect of starting from scratch to be too taxing and prefer to rent or buy a home.

A contractor may build a house for 6 million Naira and sell it for 10 million at the moment in Nigeria, making home ownership rather pricey. That is a significant sum of money, so if you want to spend it carefully, building your own home is the best option.

Since blocks are one of the most important building materials, we will talk about how many of them are required to build a two-bedroom apartment in this post. There are many distinct styles of two-bedroom apartments; they can be straightforward or intricate.

The sort of two-bedroom apartments will influence how many blocks will be used overall in the construction. The blocks necessary for a modestly sized two-bedroom apartment that has a modestly sized living room, two modestly sized bedrooms with bathrooms each, a modestly sized kitchen, and a modestly sized general toilet and bathroom will be the subject of our analysis.

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Number of Blocks For A 2-Bedroom Flat

Our model two-bedroom flat requires approximately 2200 blocks to construct. All block sizes that can be used are covered by this. The number of blocks for a 2-bedroom flat employed can also change; a more straightforward structure will need fewer blocks, whereas a more complex structure will need more.

Keep in mind that the 2200 blocks mentioned above are only for building the main house and do not include the blocks for the fence and soakaway.

Depending on the location, blocks for a 2-bedroom flat can cost more or less money, but generally speaking, they cost N250 each. As a result, the block-only cost for our model two-bedroom apartment would be about N550,000.

Other Building Materials Needed For 2-Bedroom Flats

Even though the block is one of the main building materials, it isn’t the only significant one. Sand, cement, rods, and planks are just a few of the many materials that are crucial.

Avoid using cheap cement when building because you will inevitably need to purchase more bags of cement as a result.

Getting Your Blocks

You have two options for your building blocks for 2-bedroom flats: you can purchase them from a building company or make them yourself. Both are excellent choices, yet they also have pros and cons.

You should visit the construction business if you want to purchase as many blocks for a 2-bedroom flat as you can at once. Typically, they have a large number of blocks on the ground that are ready for purchase right away, which speeds up the construction process.

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You don’t need to be familiar with the materials required or the method used to make blocks if you work with a construction firm.

It is usually not advised to purchase blocks from companies, though, as some do so in an effort to increase their earnings by using less material than is necessary to manufacture the appropriate number of blocks. As an illustration, creating 40 bricks out of a cement bag intended for 32. In addition to producing inferior goods, this could subsequently result in issues with the residents.

Making your own blocks, on the other hand, can cut down on the cost of buying building blocks. The use of only high-quality blocks for a 2-bedroom flat in the construction process is also ensured.

Final Thoughts

Although starting from scratch to build a home might seem difficult, there are several benefits. Not only are you exempt from paying rent on a home, but you also get to utilize the respectable title of “landlord” in Nigerian society. Now you know the number of blocks for a 2-bedroom flat.

It is advised that you start construction on your two-bedroom apartment immediately before it becomes more prohibitively expensive given the rate at which prices are rising. Additionally, if you are making the blocks yourself, be careful to use only high-quality materials to ensure the building’s endurance.

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