How Many Blocks For A 3-Bedroom Flat?

What number of blocks for a 3-bedroom flat should be prepared ahead of construction?

The most common homes in Nigeria, in my opinion, are three-bedroom apartments. This is due to the fact that 3-bedroom apartments are ideal for a variety of circumstances.

A family of five, consisting of a father, a mother, two sons, and a daughter, for instance, would likely require three bedrooms: one for the parents, one for the female child, and one for the male children. The family would consist of. Or a three-bedroom apartment can be explored if the home frequently hosts guests.

The number of blocks for a 3-bedroom flat is one of the most frequent queries from prospective homeowners.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the number of blocks for a 3-bedroom flat in Nigeria and other necessary materials needed.

Number of Blocks For A 3-Bedroom Flat in Nigeria?

Even while a two-bedroom apartment can seem preferable because it’s not overly expensive, a three-bedroom apartment is just as reasonable with only a few variances in price, the number of blocks that can be used, etc.

It would take approximately 2,650 blocks to build a typical three-bedroom apartment from the ground up, which includes a living room, three medium-sized rooms with toilets, a common bathroom and toilets, and a kitchen.

The total cost for blocks is 662,500 now that they range in size from 250 to 300. There would be roughly 3032 building blocks required to construct a larger or more complicated three-bedroom apartment.

Keep in mind that the blocks mentioned above are only for the main house structure; the blocks needed for the soakaway and the fence are not included.

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Other factors, such as the following, should be taken into account while building a three-bedroom apartment:

  • The Cost of Foundation
  • Cost of German Flooring
  • Bag of Cement required for Plastering block walls
  • Woods and required for roofing as well as the cost of carpentry workmanship.
  • Cost of Aluminium roofing sheets
  • Cost of Tiling (tiles and labour)
  • Number of Tiles required and Cost
  • Plumbing Requirement and Cost
  • Cost of Burglar Proofs for windows
  • Cost of Paints and Labour
  • Cost of Aluminium Ceiling
  • Cost of Electrical Finishing
  • Cost of doors and Locks
  • Cost of Bedroom wardrobes and Kitchen ward ropes.

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Final Thoughts

It is impossible to overstate the significance of owning a home because it not only releases you from the restraints of rising rents but also makes you proud to be a homeowner. Although the process and associated costs may appear to be fairly high at first, they will ultimately show to be reasonable, and you will be happy you have your own house.

It’s crucial to utilize high-quality materials when building your house because using inferior ones would be to your detriment. This is due to the fact that high-quality materials last longer than inferior ones, which will inevitably result in you having to pay more for repairs in the near future.

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