Find Out How Long It Takes To Build Your 3-Bedroom Flat in Nigeria

How long does it take to build your 3-bedroom flat in Nigeria today?

The bedroom flat is one of the most built buildings in Nigeria. This is because it’s suitable for medium sized families as there is a clear allocation of rooms (one room for parents, one for female children and the other for male children). It is also quite affordable to build in comparison to larger houses. 

This has led to many individuals raising the question of how long it takes to build a three bedroom flat. It can take between 3 months to 6 years depending on the availability of materials, workers, service fees, time of the year as well as other factors. 

Read on to get detailed knowledge on the building process and how they jointly contribute to the duration of the building process.

Factors Affecting The Process

The main factors are affecting the duration of the construction processes are:

Availability of Funds

The absence of money usually puts a hold on the building procedure as materials are needed to be bought and workers to be paid. Thus a person with a lot of cash to spend would get his house done quicker.

Professional Workers or Labourers

A worker that is a master at what he is doing knows how best to handle problems as they occur on the site and ensure that the building is done quicker. Also, workers who are willing to work ( usually motivated by good pay) ensure that the job is done well and soon.

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How Long Does Building A 3-Bedroom Flat In Nigeria Take?

The following steps need to be followed during the building process: 

Clearing of the Site

An average 3 bedroom flat is usually on a plot of land (50 by 100 Sqm). Thus clearing the site should take about one day, if the workers get there on time and are very agile.

Excavation and Casting of Foundation Concrete

Excavation is digging the ground where the foundation is to be whilst casting of foundation concrete is the mixture of sand, granite, cement and water. This is to be done with proper calculations as they are what the walls of the houses in the flat rely on. Since the land is not that wide and not the project is not that huge, the excavation and costing of foundation concrete should take about a few hours to a day, depending on the number of workers on site.

Marking Out The Walls

Marking out is done with tapes and builder squares. It is usually best handled by the Site engineer or the workmen. It is to be done after the foundation concrete has been properly dried, which is usually after a day or two. It takes a few minutes to mark but the process should not be rushed as it prevents the walls from being bent.

Filling and Backfilling

Backfilling is the use of earth materials to cover the outer sides of the building in order to ensure it does not fall, whilst filling involves importing earth materials to fill up the inner parts of the building like rooms, kitchen up to the dpc level. It can be done manually or mechanically. Manual labour takes about two days whilst mechanical means lasts about one day. 

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Over Site Concrete

German concrete is used to protect the house from dampness that can emanate from the ground. It is very important and should take about 8 days.

Erection on Walls 

3-bedroom flat in Nigeria

This also comes with marking our doors and windows. It is a quite fast procedure depending on the number of workers at the site. To raise the wall from ground to lintel should take between 3 days to a week.

Lintel Work

This is usually done by carpenter sgd iron bender and should take about 4 days 


Find out how long it takes to build your 3-bedroom flat in Nigeria
Build your 3-bedroom flat in Nigeria

With roofing comes the installation of rafters, noggins, Purlins by a team of experienced carpenters that are ready and willing to work. Aluminium roofing takes about 3 days whilst stone roofing takes about 5 days.

Plumbing and Electric Works

These two works can be done simultaneously by the respective professional and should take about 3 days.


Immediately after electrical fittings, the welder can begin with installation of burglary in the building. This should take about 5 days 


This should be done after all electrical installation and the plumber should be on standby in case there are any issues with locations of pipes. Should take about 4 days.

Plastering of the Wall

If there are few workers, it should take about 5 days, on the other hand more efficient workers can finish rendering in 2 days.


This is the last step. The full painting of the house should take about 4 days to a week.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many blocks are needed for a 3 bedroom flat?

An estimated number of blocks to be used for a 3 bedroom flat is 3032 blocks

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2. How much will it cost to build a 3 bedroom flat in Nigeria today?

The cost of building and roofing a 3-bedroom flat in Nigeria is a total of about 7.6 million Naira. Though it depends on your location and prices of materials as at that time.

3. How many bags of cement are needed for a 3 bedroom flat?

An estimate of 65 bags of cement is needed for creation of blocks and plastering.

4. How much does it cost to plaster a 3 bedroom house in Nigeria?

Plastering a 3 bedroom flat can cost between #400,000 to 500,000

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