Top 10 Best Areas to Live in Ibadan (2024)

What are the ten best areas to live in Ibadan, Oyo State?

Nigeria’s Oyo State, the capital city of Ibadan is renowned for its dynamic atmosphere, historical sites, and rich culture. Ibadan is located in Oyo State, a state in the southwest geopolitical zone of Nigeria. 

Ibadan is the third-most populated city in Nigeria, behind Lagos and Kano, with a population of over 3 million. It is also the most populated city in Oyo State. By geographic size, it is the biggest city in the nation. Ibadan is also among the most inexpensive cities in Nigeria to live in, aside from that. Ibadan has fairly reasonable housing and transport costs when compared to other cities in Nigeria.

Ibadan, Oyo State
Best Areas To Live In Ibadan

Choosing the ideal area of Ibadan to call home as a potential resident is a crucial choice. If you’re looking for a suitable place to live in Nigeria, Ibadan is more than just an option; it’s a place to consider based on experience. 

In this article, we will explore the top 10 best areas to live in Ibadan, highlighting the key features, amenities, and overall appeal of each neighborhood.

Best Areas To Live In Ibadan 

The top ten best areas to live in Ibadan today are: 

1. Bodija

In Ibadan, Bodija is frequently rated as one of the best places to live. It offers a variety of housing alternatives, from flats to standalone houses, in a mix of residential and business areas. Bodija has first-rate infrastructure, an efficient road system, educational facilities, retail establishments, supermarkets, and recreational amenities. Families and professionals looking for a handy and lively community may consider this area.

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2. Onireke GRA

As the Lebanese colony of Ibadan, Onireke GRA is a completely constructed high-end and low-density residential hub. Its population is over two-thirds of Lebanese heritage, some of whom date back three generations.

Due to its vicinity to Magazine Road, where the Lebanese have large warehouses, the Ibadan Recreation Club, the Golf Club, and Dugbe (the CBD), Onireke GRA, a small but prime residential neighborhood, has continued to be a favorite with investors.

3. Jericho

Jericho is a long-established residential neighborhood with a calm and pleasant ambiance that is near the city center. It is renowned for its carefully thought-out design, immaculate roads, and stunning scenery. Jericho provides a variety of housing choices, such as large detached homes and apartments. Additionally, the area is home to famous hospitals, commercial malls, recreational facilities, and schools.

Best areas to live in Ibadan
Best Areas To Live In Ibadan

4. Iyaganku GRA

Iyaganku GRA is Ibadan’s Lekki. It is a place that only Ibadan’s wealthy and affluent residents have access to. Iyaganku GRA is an affluent GRA with top-notch infrastructure features, including a sophisticated neighborhood police station outfitted with heavy weapons. 

Iyaganku G.R.A. is a location in Ibadan that is exclusively accessible to the wealthy and powerful. A vast acre of land is taken up by a residential neighborhood with largely magnificent homes, complete with lush green lawns, swimming pools, and vehicle parking lots.

5. Agodi GRA

The residential neighborhood of Agodi GRA is well-designed and well-liked for its advantageous location and simplicity of access to the city’s key areas. There are a variety of housing alternatives available there, such as beautiful standalone houses and condos. For families, professionals, and retirees, Agodi GRA is a desirable neighborhood because of its excellent road systems, recreational facilities, educational facilities, and commercial centers.

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6. Oluyole Estate

Oluyole Estate is a thoughtfully constructed residential neighborhood renowned for its roomy homes, well-kept grounds, and high level of security. Schools, shopping malls, and recreation centers are just a few of the amenities the neighborhood has to offer. For groups of people and families who value comfort and solitude, Oluyole Estate offers a secure and tranquil setting.

7. Orita Challenge

On the outskirts of Ibadan, there is a lively and multicultural community called Orita-Challenge. A variety of residential, business, and industrial spaces are available. The challenge is renowned for its bustling markets, places to have fun, and an array of modest accommodation alternatives. Commuters will find the neighborhood convenient because it is well-served by transportation networks.

Areas to live in Ibadan
Best areas to live in Ibadan

8. Akobo

The thriving community of Akobo is situated outside of Ibadan. It provides a variety of cheap housing options along with a mix of commercial and residential areas. Akobo is renowned for its bustling markets, malls, and leisure facilities. Additionally, the area is well accessible to the city center for commuters.

9. Alalubosa

The posh neighborhood of Alalubosa is well renowned for its opulent homes and exclusive atmosphere. It offers a variety of architectural designs, such as contemporary and homes with colonial influences. Alalubosa has well-maintained gardens, paved roads, and a tranquil atmosphere. The area is well-liked by wealthy residents looking for exclusivity and elegance.

10. Ikolaba

One of the few officially designated government areas in Ibadan is Ikolaba. Numerous affluent individuals, politicians, and celebrities reside in Ikolaba G.R.A. This neighborhood is known for being exclusive to significant individuals with the means to live there rather than just being a regular neighborhood. The Nigeria Customs Service, the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), and other governmental entities are based at Ikolaba G.R.A.

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It’s important to take infrastructure, amenities, environment, and security into account when deciding where to live in Ibadan. There are numerous options available in these places that can accommodate various lifestyles and preferences. 

Ibadan features neighborhoods that can fulfill your demands, whether you’re looking for rich, sophisticated areas or affordable well-to-do areas. To make an informed choice regarding your future residence in this thriving city, conduct in-depth research, tour the neighborhoods, and speak with local real estate agents.

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