Hoarder House: What You Should Know

What immediately springs to mind when you hear the phrase “hoarder house”? Hoarding generally refers to holding onto items even after you no longer need them.

First and most importantly, what is a hoarder house?

A house overrun by an owner’s or occupant’s excessive collection of personal items is known as a hoarder dwelling. This indicates that a plethora of disorganised personal items has caused the home to become chaotic.

Many of the goods are typically ones that the owner finds of minor to no value or use and leave as a mess within the house with little to no walkway.

Who are hoarders, exactly?

A hoarder accumulates an excessive amount of goods and keeps them in their living area. Hoarding is problematic because these people feel compelled to keep all of their possessions for a variety of reasons. A hoarder values almost everything because of their memories. The following is a list of various items that people have been known to hoard:

  • Artworks
  • Clothes
  • Books, magazines and newspaper
  • Antiques and ornaments
  • Old furniture
  • Free items
  • Containers
  • Spoilt electronics
  • Garbages amongst others.

Levels Of Hoarding In A House

There are five levels of hoarding and they vary from minor to severe, they are stated below: 

  • Level One Hoarder House: Here, there are very few properties being held by the person. There are also little to no odours.
  • Level Two Hoarder House: This set of people has begun to accumulate items that are now blocking passages and the living room. This has resulted in odour and the presence of rodents
  • Level Three Hoarder House: A level three hoarder house usually has a bedroom and bathroom filled with things they don’t use anymore. Those rooms are usually so full you can’t even make use of them anymore. There are often garbage-filled countertops.
  • Level Four Hoarder House: These homes will have pests, rotten food, and animal sanitary problems in addition to level 1 to 3 hoarder home symptoms. The smell from these homes is usually nauseating.
  • Level Five Hoarder House: This is the most severe hoarding home. Most of the entryways and exits are blocked by junk. It has a high level of clutter which creates toxic conditions. Health problems are usually evident in people who live in this type of house.
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What Causes Hoarding?

Hoarding is a mental condition that requires expert care. Obsessive-compulsive disorder may also be associated with individuals with hoarding disorders (OCD).

Two to six per cent of the population is said to suffer from a hoarding issue. Family members are frequently the first to identify a mental problem that will likely require professional assistance. Though it has been identified that hoarding is a mental illness, below are some of the factors that lead to hoarding:

  • Family History: Most hoarders have family members who are also hoarders.
  • Trauma: Done-life situations can trigger hoarding. For example, the death of a person can lead to holding on to anything that serves as a remembrance of the individual.
  • Temperament: Some people hold on to things because of their indecisiveness.
  • Mental illness: While a disorder in itself, it is also associated with OCD, depression and ADHD.

Some of these hoarders hold on to things they believe might become useful or grow in value later on.

Clearing Out A Hoarder House

The hoarding situation can be resolved once the hoarder has acknowledged their health issues and sought expert assistance. A hoarder’s home is difficult to clean and frequently requires experienced intervention in order to be thoroughly cleaned. Some of the specialists are:

  • Waste Removal Company: A reputable waste removal firm to eliminate the clutter from the home.
  • Donation Pick-up Services: Some of the objects being hoarded have worth and respectable charities can come to pick them up.
  • Mould Remediation Professional: A specialist in mould remediation will be required to undertake the necessary services if the house has been exposed to mould.
  • Professional Pest Exterminator: The services of a professional pest exterminator are required if there are bugs or rodents.
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Should A Hoarder House Be Sold?

A hoarder house has a lot of baggage, and as previously mentioned, it will require the help of many professionals to clear and restore it. To take care of interior demolition and repair before it goes on the market, you’ll probably require a reliable clean-up team and contractor.

When purchasing a hoarder house, you should take the following factors into account:

  • Damaged floorboards and walls
  • Animal remains
  • Animal and human biological waste
  • Infrastructural constraints
  • Strong odours
  • Pest management among others

The same is true for individuals who wish to purchase hoarder homes; fixing the residence is expensive and time-consuming. You can complete the work if you are capable of doing so.

Finding A Nearby Hoarder House For Sale

You can still purchase hoarder homes even though there isn’t a specific website or business that does it. The phrases “a hoarder house near me” or “a hoarder house for sale” can be searched for on Google. Google can detect listings for such homes that are described in the MLS on well-known real estate websites.

Driving around and checking for some of the signs will also help you find hoarder houses to buy, though it will be more distressing. Unkempt buildings, an abundance of rubbish, blocked windows, and an overflow of mail are a few examples.

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Final Thoughts

This piece has discussed all you need to know about a hoarder house. The act of collecting items and the unwillingness to get rid of anything, especially garbage and waste, is known as hoarding. Extreme clutter then results, which can result in distress, shame, and problems with health and safety.

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It is important to take hoarding seriously because it has been classified as a mental health issue. When the first warning signals emerge, mental health illnesses should be handled as a problem. Try to get them some help if you know someone who hoards before it gets worse.

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