Triplex: Unbelievable Facts You Should Know a Triplex

Popular among many, the triplex is comparable to the duplex but has a different amount of apartments. A triplex has 3 apartments as opposed to a duplex’s 2. A Triplex is made up of three buildings that have had their flats modified and joined by staircases.

There are many different types of triplex apartments, but the ones with almost comparable floor areas among the units are the most in demand. Triplex apartments are preferred by families due to their spacious interiors, which are often homelike.

A Triplex: What You Should Know

A triplex is a construction that joins three individual residential units together, with the various units sharing one or two walls. Similar to a duplex or fourplex, a triplex is a residential building with three units and a single owner.

A triplex is made up of independent units, each of which has its own living space, kitchen, bathroom, and even address. Some triplexes are constructed from the beginning as triplexes, while others began as one huge single-family home that was later remodeled to include three units.

The typical sale of a triplex is as a single building. The owner has three options: rent out all three units, live in one while renting out the other two, or use all three as an addition to the family home. The main reason for purchasing a triplex apartment complex is as an investment, notably as a rental property.

Features of a Triplex

  • Within the building, a private stairway connects the three units. Due to their big size and three-floor design, they are popular with families.
  • The units above or below the triplex flats that are owned by the same person in a condominium or cooperative structure are typically purchased and renovated to form connected floors.
  • A Triplex has no specific type of stairs. Although the stairs are built to take up as little room as possible, the owner is free to install any type of staircase design he chooses. The most frequent staircases are, however, spiral staircases and switchback staircases.
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Pros Of A Triplex

These are a few benefits of a triplex, especially for those whose owners live in one of the apartments.

  • The Landlord is frequently nearby in case there are any repairs. This enables prompt resolution of such issues.
  • Since the three units share a yard and a roof, among other things, maintenance and repairs are less expensive.
  • In order to reduce his or her tax liability, the landlord might write off some maintenance costs, depreciation, and repairs for the rental properties.
  • When the owner pays utility costs, they typically cover the bills for the rented property as well.
  • Even though the owner doesn’t live there, his three properties consistently bring in money.

Cons of a Triplex

  • When compared to a duplex or single-family home, a triplex apartment is typically more expensive.
  • Due to the regular variety of tenants and varying lease expiration dates, selling it is more difficult.
  • The landlord can feel stressed out by having to live so close to the tenants.
  • Apartments in triplex buildings are typically hard to find because they aren’t that prevalent.

What Should You Expect in a Triplex?

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re looking to buy or rent a triplex apartment:


The majority of triplexes include the necessary amenities, like in-unit laundry, parking, a patio, and porches, among others. Instead of apartment buildings, these features are typically found in private residences.


You have fewer neighbours in a house than in an apartment building. Every unit has privacy as well. One of the enticing qualities of a triplex is this.

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Exterior Area

Because there are only 3 units in the building, there is more than enough outdoor space for the 3 families who share it. It’s preferable to have a large apartment complex’s communal yard.


The triplex is favoured by families in part because it is spacious. One of the largest apartment types now on the market is the triplex.

Rental Income

By renting out all or even just two of the units, you can generate a sizeable rental income and reduce the length of time it takes to pay down the mortgage.

A Great Place to Begin Investing in Multi-Family Homes

If you want to make the switch from single-family homes to multifamily homes, you might want to start with triplex units. You have the option of residing in one unit while renting out the others. The landlord still has a place to live while earning money from the rent in this manner.

Triplexes are More Expensive

Triplexes are more expensive due to the fact that they have more units. They cost more to purchase than duplex apartments.

Sharing Specific Areas and Amenities With Your Neighbours

When you live in a triplex, you must get used to sharing common spaces and conveniences like driveways with your neighbours. Furthermore, you and your neighbour must share a wall, which can result in noise problems.

Triplexes are not Commonly Accessible

They are less prevalent than single-family homes, one-bedroom apartments, and smaller apartments in general, hence they are not frequently accessed. For individuals trying to purchase homes in the city, this is very crucial.

Maintenance and Repair Costs are Higher

Costs associated with maintenance and repairs are higher, particularly when the landlord resides in one of the apartments and is therefore liable for any necessary repairs to the building.

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Final Thoughts

The triplex is essentially a commercial structure that can be used for a variety of things. With its spacious interiors and wide range of amenities, it is a fantastic investment and even provides superior living circumstances.

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