Best Real Estate Investor Websites (2024): Top List

What websites are the top real estate investor websites?

Several real estate investors found it challenging to reach out to potential clientele in the previous. They were forced to utilize Agents’ services. The prolonged process of investment was caused by the inability of potential clients to contact the investors directly and the necessity of the agents.

However, because of the development of technology, investors can now communicate with potential customers and customers can do the same for investors via internet websites. It is typically simple for potential clients and investors to comprehend what each party wants thanks to the information on the websites regarding real estate investments.

Without having to repeatedly arrange in-person meetings, the platform also makes it simple to get in touch with real estate investment firms to address inquiries or verify specific rumors.

There are currently a lot of real estate websites, making it a little challenging for potential clients to determine which ones are legitimate or not, or even which provide more excellent service than the others.

Below is a list of some of the best real estate investor websites you might want to work with.

Real Estate Investor Websites (Top List)

The top real estate investor websites are listed below. Please note that this list exists in no particular order.


One of the top real estate investment blogs in Nigeria is, which also features highly ranked articles on insurance firms, how to start a real estate business, real estate news, property management firms, and a variety of other topics.

his website is also used for real estate listings, so if you’re seeking one of the best options in Nigeria, EucarlRealty ought to be your top pick.


Roofstock is by far, one of the best real estate investor websites. The primary purpose of the website, Roofstock, is the purchasing and selling of rental homes. It’s interesting because roof stock allows investors to purchase properties without having to struggle with weekly interactions. The company’s accreditation procedure and a nationwide network of knowledgeable property managers and partners are to thank for this.

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Additionally, each rental property’s proforma property analysis was mentioned in the listing material for all rentals offered on the Roofstock Investment Market Place. They put up their website in a way that matches properties to various investment stages since they are aware of what investors want to receive.

For instance, buy-and-hold investors can choose rentals with significant cash flow, while investors seeking a quick profit can select properties in markets where the value of the real estate is increasing quickly. You can invest with roofstock by :

  • Direct ownership of single-family rental properties
  • Portfolio investments to diversify holdings that are perfect for a 1031 exchange
  • Fractional ownership investments for accredited investors.


Each year, many investors pay thousands of dollars only to obtain a real estate license and gain access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). By using the Zillow website, they may save thousands of dollars and spend more wisely on investment homes. Zillow is also one of the best real estate investor websites.

Zillow has data syndication agreements with many local MLS services, which has fueled the company’s expansion as seen by the website’s more than 7 million views in 2021. As a real estate investor on the Zillow app or website, you get access to free marketing tools and market data on Zillow, the availability of attractive offers that make sense, and the availability to list your properties.


Among the top real estate investor websites is PropStream. Professional real estate investors can undertake many types of real-world investment analysis on the PropStream website using data software and analytics.

PropStream gathers its data from a variety of sources. Investors can get a comprehensive property profile with owner details, tax records, mortgages, HOA dues, and any pending divorces or bankruptcies by entering the address of the property.

With the website’s skip tracing feature, investors may also search for pre-foreclosures and find potentially lucrative off-market buys from highly motivated sellers. Additionally, investors with upgrading or rehab projects can dive down into the details to precisely assess costs based on local labour rates and the calibre of the materials being utilized using the integrated rehab calculator that PropStream has built onto its website.

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Crowdfunding Platforms

To buy larger properties that the majority of individual real estate investors are unable to qualify for on their own, crowdfunding platforms combine money from a variety of accredited and unaccredited investors.

Real estate crowdfunding sites like RealtyMogul, Fundraise, and CrowdStreet are among the best. The quarterly distribution of earnings produced with a pro-rata share of stock is split among the investors. When the product is also sold, they receive a return on their investment.

Deal Machine

Real estate prospecting has been automated by Deal Machine, making it simpler for investors to invest in real estate. Today’s investor has the convenience of prospecting from the comfort of their home office, saving them time and money that might otherwise be wasted. Deal Machine is also one of the top real estate investor websites.

Investors can instantly discover who owns a home in the United States by uploading the address or a photo of it. They can also discover the ownership history, equity, and the owner’s email and postal address.

Direct mail is sent to the property owner immediately after pressing a button. It is simple to maintain track of thousands of leads at once thanks to Deal Machine’s contact management technology.

Real Estate Investment Blogs

You need to continuously learn if you want to be a successful investor, and the real estate investment blogs listed below can help you do that.

As they offer information on business news, rental property trends, and real estate marketing guidance, they supply knowledge that a real estate investor who wants to succeed will require. Below is a list of a few of the top blogs:

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Bigger Pockets Blog

The Bigger Pocket blog is renowned for its granular, in-depth understanding of all facets of real estate investing, personal finance, and marketing.

Millions of investors search the websites first thing in the morning for the most recent information on real estate investing fundamentals, landlords and rental properties, flipping houses, mortgages, and innovative financing. This is because of the high-quality material being offered.

Active Rain

The Facebook of real estate investors, according to many, is this blog. Approximately 4 million authentic posts have been made on the blog by its over 300,000 active users.

It is recognized as a repository for real estate data. The largest and busiest professional social network in the real estate sector is this one. Agents and brokers, inspectors and appraisers, lenders, and investors are all part of the Active Rain community. You might wish to join to succeed in real estate.


Real estate investing information can be found on the website HouseWire. Investors in rental properties can stay on top of the housing market by reading and watching videos on trending real estate news, existing home sales, the economy, mortgage rates and credit trends, and how fintech can boost ROIs. They can also download whitepapers on artificial intelligence (AI) and property technology (prop-tech) and read and download whitepapers on these topics.

Final Thoughts

This article has discussed the top real estate investor websites. There can never be enough emphasis placed on the value of real estate websites and blogs. The aforementioned websites are your best bet if you want to keep on top of your game in the real estate industry.

As an investor, you need to always be in touch with information, websites, and blogs will give you that information. They help you to stay on top of your investment game and in the long run, you become successful.

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