12 Interesting Real Estate Facts You Should Know

Real estate investing has long been one of the most successful strategies to get a high return on investment. The housing market provides nearly limitless options, and property owners of all levels of expertise may profit handsomely if they use the correct investing techniques.

We’ll disclose Real Estate Facts You Should Know in this post that will transform the way you think about the industry.

Interesting Real Estate Facts You Should Know

The following Real Estate Facts You Should Know are provided to assist you in becoming more familiar with various elements of the market. The checklist includes everything a first-time real estate investor should be aware of before getting started.

Real Estate Investment is a secure Method to Retire Early

Becoming a real estate investor may help you accumulate a substantial savings account in a short amount of time. You may earn a consistent positive income flow for years by purchasing an investment property and renting it out.

You may apply the extra income towards ensuring an early retirement if you correctly handle this money and continue to progressively expand your rental property business. Read Also: Glossary of Real Estate Terms

Real Estate Offers a Low Entrance Barrier

The low barrier to entry into the home market is one of the most fascinating real estate statistics. Contrary to common opinion, you do not need a large initial investment to begin profiting from real estate.

In fact, you may invest as little as 15% of the total investment amount. As a result, real estate is a far more appealing investment than standard equities or bonds.

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Appreciation in Real Estate Will Increase Your Net Worth

One of the most compelling reasons to invest in real estate is the potential for capital growth. A real estate portfolio will grow in value over time without your direct involvement.

In most markets, you may expect a 5-percentage-point increase in value. As a result, your net worth will rapidly increase tremendously.

Real Estate Investment Safeguards Against Inflation

Having a rental property can be an excellent inflation hedge. While most assets shrivel as a result of inflation, real estate booms during these times. The explanation for this is straightforward. The value of your investment property and the rental income provide a rise in tandem with inflation.

Furthermore, because the average appreciation rate in the United States has continuously outpaced inflation, real estate investors should expect to overcome price increases regardless of their approach.

There are Numerous Tax Advantages to Investing in a Real Estate

Real estate has a variety of tax advantages in addition to its huge profit potential. To begin with, money earned through real estate investing is not taxable to FICA.

The sole time this revenue is provided as a salary through a holding company, this rule does not apply. There are further advantages such as depreciation, lower capital gains, refinancing, and 1031 Exchanges.

The Majority of House Buyers are Millennials

The housing market in the United States is booming. When it comes to house purchases, millennials have totally surpassed baby boomers and Gen Xers, according to 2019 data.

By the end of the year, they’re anticipated to have taken on more mortgages than any other group. The consequences for real estate investors are significant.

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In fact, this change is a positive indication. If you want to acquire an investment property with the intention of swiftly selling it, you should be able to do so if you first discover what millennials want.

The Housing Market Will Continue to Expand

Our is arguably the most important of all the real estate information on this list for hesitant investors. Despite some negative barriers a few years ago, the general outlook for the US housing market in 2020 remains optimistic.

Furthermore, all of the indices utilized to forecast market growth are going upwards. Here’s a quick rundown of the most important:

Buyers are Drawn to Even the Most Run-Down Areas

Because it is susceptible to changing market conditions, this does not necessarily fit under the category of real estate facts. Even still, current market patterns suggest that houses outside of the finest areas are selling well.

This is particularly true in big real estate markets. The fact that places with limited access to roads or key services are functioning well is encouraging for real estate investors.

Your Loan Will be Paid Off by Your Real Estate Investment

One of the most fascinating aspects of real estate investing is how quickly your debts may be repaid. You’ll be able to pay off your debt more quickly if you rent out an investment property.

With each monthly payment, your renters are essentially assisting you in increasing your wealth and equity.

No Other Investment That Allows Much Control as Real Estate

Still, on the Real Estate Facts, You Should Know, When you invest in real estate, you have total control over the whole process. Everything is up to you, from the approach you want to use to the mortgage company you want to work with. You also have the option of screening renters and renting solely to those that meet your criteria.

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Ability to Sell Your Real Estate Investment Any Time

Companies and organizations frequently go bankrupt or default on their obligations during recessions and severe economic downturns. If your portfolio is made entirely of stocks and bonds, this might virtually wipe out your whole investment.

On the other hand, even in the worst economic conditions, you will always be able to sell a property. Investing in real estate is an excellent method to hedge against financial market dangers.

Investing in Real Estate is Generally Stress-free

While this is not true for all methods, real estate is less stressful than other endeavors. Because the real estate market is more stable and less volatile than other markets, this is the case. Trends take time to manifest, and a real estate-based portfolio is unaffected by market fluctuations.

Additionally, when it comes to managing the investment property, you have the option of taking a hands-off approach. You will save time and effort by hiring a professional property management firm to manage your rental property on your behalf.

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