Property Management Companies In Baltimore (Top List)

What are the best property management companies in Baltimore currently?

The issue of choosing a property management business in Baltimore, where buildings are rented out on a daily basis, arises. Property owners, investors, and even tenants require the services of property management businesses, and because there are so many of them, it can be challenging to choose which one to choose.

Here is a list of Baltimore’s top property management companies, nevertheless.

Which Companies Are The Best Property Management Companies In Baltimore?

The best property management companies in Baltimore in 2022 are:

Bay Property Management Group

Bay Property Management Group is among the top property management companies in Baltimore, Maryland. The organization works in a variety of shapes and sizes, focusing primarily on single-family homes, rental property portfolios, and apartment complexes. 1114 St Paul St, Suite 1A, Baltimore, MD 21202 is where you may find it.

Property Wize

Michelle Yang and Shanickal Suddler established Property Wize in 2016. Commercial and residential properties are handled by Property Wize in Baltimore. The business is in charge of managing the rental portion of the properties, from advertising unoccupied units to screening prospective tenants, collecting rent, and organizing upkeep.

The property management company also primarily oversees apartment buildings, commercial properties, single-family homes, and multi-family homes.

Michelle Yang is a licensed professional housing provider with NREIA, while Shanickal Suddler holds the certification of Certified Property Manager. The business is situated in Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland at 10 Gerard Avenue Suite 204.

1st Rate Realty

Investors and property owners equally realize that First Rate Real Estate does an excellent job managing their properties. The owner is a certified full-service real estate broker who offers a variety of services to property owners, all of which are tailored to the specific requirements of each customer.

Additionally, the business provides services including agents for homebuyers, the sale of homes and other property, as well as the sale of holiday homes. For convenience in finding tenants, the business also offers an online leasing application. The company has a location in Millersville at 8091 Foxwell Road.

20/20 Property Management, LLC

The 20/20 Property Management Company provides excellent property management services, as the name suggests. It is a business with its headquarters in Reisterstown that manages a few small residential buildings in Baltimore.

The business manages tenant placement services by posting online advertisements for the available homes and carrying out the necessary tenant background checks. In order to minimize the need for repairs, the company also manages bookkeeping, rent collecting, and the execution of preventative maintenance procedures.

This management organization provides good communication and local information while charging reasonable costs. The corporate office of the corporation is situated at 5, Glyndon Drive, PO Box 813, Reisterstown.

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Alpine Property Management LLC

One of the top management firms in Baltimore is this property management firm. For over 15 years, it has been establishing connections between real estate investors and government-subsidized housing schemes. The company oversees rental businesses that are covered by national and state housing programs.

They also recruit long-term clientele, carry out leasing agreements, and manage rent collection. The US Department of Veteran Affairs, the Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership, and Alpine Property management LLC are all partners.

American Management II LLC

For more than 30 years, Baltimore has benefited from the outstanding property management services provided by American Management II LLC. Investors and property owners can pursue other interests because the organization administers various kinds of assets, from apartments to homes.

It also provides services like tenant screening, property showings, maintenance management, rent collecting, and accounting. Evictions, move-out and clean-out services, and property inspections are other services offered by American Management II LLC. The office of the property management company is situated at 2903 N Charles St Baltimore.

Astoria Charm Property Management

In Baltimore, Maryland, referred to as the charm city, Astoria Charm Property Management is one of the greatest property management firms. The focus of their work is managing both single- and multi-family residences. Its catchphrase is “Strong Investment, Charm Living.”

While offering excellent housing and management to the tenants, Astoria Charm Property Management Company is dedicated to making sure that all of its clients’ properties are solid and successful investments. In Baltimore, at 1714 Saint Paul Street, Ste 3C, the property management firm is situated.

Baltimore Village

This property management company is based in Baltimore, Maryland, as is obvious from the name. It is a property management firm whose products and services benefit Baltimore region tenants, investors, and asset owners. Inspections, obtaining required licenses and repairs, tenant management, rent collection, eviction paperwork, and rental reports are just a few of the services it offers for property management.

Single-family homes and multi-family buildings are both managed by Baltimore Village. For the purpose of attracting potential customers, the business employs both local and online advertising strategies.

Additionally, it offers clients information about their properties through industry-standard management systems and software. 600 N Monroe St., Baltimore, Apt. 1 is where the business is situated.

Blue Phoenix Property Management

Concerns about renting real estate are addressed by Blue Phoenix Property Management for clients in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. It assists both homeowners and real estate investors in maintaining the value of their properties.

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These property managers’ services include assisting to increase profits through advertising efforts, online property tours, tenant screening, and rent collecting. They can also produce financial reports and offer round-the-clock maintenance help.

Former combat engineer Sean Brinson, who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, is the owner of the business. The National Association of Residential Property Managers includes him as a member. The company’s headquarters are at 2507 N. Calvert St. in Baltimore.

Bmore Management

Property management firm Bmore Management is situated in Baltimore. It services tenants and real estate investors in the Baltimore metropolitan region. In addition to buying and renovating properties, finding and keeping renters, and taking care of maintenance and repairs, the property management firm specializes in meeting the needs of its clients.

They also assist tenants with the lease, moving-in, pet adoption, and moving-out processes. They also respond to inquiries about tax credits, subsidies, and housing programs. The real estate management firm is situated in Baltimore, Maryland 21212.

Canton Management Co.

In Baltimore and the surrounding areas, Canton Management Company provides pet services to tenants, purchasers, sellers, and owners of rental properties for single- and multifamily homes as well as commercial structures.

Additionally, it provides management services for properties, including finding appropriate renters, creating and executing leases, collecting rent, and doing maintenance and emergency repairs while abiding by fair housing rules.

The business has been around for more than 20 years and has a lot of real estate experience. More than 500 different properties are managed by the organization. 2912 O’Donnell St., Baltimore, MD 21224 is where this property management company is situated.

Empire Property Management Company

The Baltimore area’s rental property owners and tenants are intended to be connected via the Empire Property Management Company. For more than 30 years, this property management company has been in charge of townhomes, single-family houses, flats, and condominiums throughout the state.

On behalf of the owners and investors, the company provides services such as rent collecting, electronic monthly reporting, annual statement creation for tax purposes, property appraisals, and tenant screening.

Additionally, it manages any maintenance and repairs required by tenants in any of the managed buildings. In case of emergencies, repairs can be ordered around the clock. The corporate offices of the corporation are situated at 3808 E Pratt Street in Baltimore, Maryland 21224.

Frank Property Management

Managing residential properties in Baltimore is a local company called Frank Property Management. It aids landlords in leasing their properties and guarantees that the structures are adequately maintained.

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It has an official website where prospective tenants may find comprehensive details on the rental houses that are available, as well as information about the local landmarks and any special qualities that make them stand out.

Under the leadership of the owner, Mario Brandhorst, this property management company has been operating for more than 7 years. He also has a chimney maintenance business and his own metal fabrication firm in addition to this managing property company.

He communicates with his real estate clients more effectively by utilizing his customer service abilities. The real estate management firm is situated at 1004 Morton St. in Baltimore.

GemStar Property Management

The Baltimore area’s GemStar Property Management organization offers assistance to owners and investors of both residential and commercial properties. The business offers specialized property management services that cover everything from the leasing agreement signing procedure to the tenant application process.

The property management company specializes in managing a variety of properties, including single-family homes, apartments, condos, townhomes, and multi-family homes. Since GemStar Property Management is a local business, it has a better understanding of the trends in the local real estate market, which it refers to while offering advice to clients. The business’s headquarters are at 8775 Cloudleap Court in Columbia.

Goddard Properties

Goddard Properties is also one of the best property management companies in Baltimore. This property management company provides investors and Baltimore property owners with a wide range of property management services. Since the organization has been managing real estate for over 30 years, many homeowners, investors, and associations turn to it for advice.

The business covers every facet of property management, including advertising clients’ properties on social media, screening prospective tenants for criminal histories, collecting rent, handling maintenance and repairs, and, if necessary, defending clients in eviction proceedings. The main office of the property management company is located in Columbia at 8775 Centre Park Drive, Suite 224.

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Final Thoughts

Looking for the best property management companies in Baltimore to partner with and place your confidence in? Worry less as this article provides comprehensive information about all you need to know about each of them.

The organizations mentioned above are among the best in Baltimore, while there are many other excellent property management firms in the region as well. As they provide amazing services, you can use them.

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